Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Little bits and pieces of Halloween...

October was such a fun month! We did so many fun things! I didn't get any pictures on Halloween:( Ryan was a Mad scientist and looked awesome! He just put a few things together last minute and it just looked great! The kids had fun trick-or-treating! I bought Ezra one of those plastic orange pumpkins because every time we went to the store he begged for one. The day I came home with it he was so excited! We dressed the kids up in their outfits from the twins birthday and they were a hit. Levi and Lucy would walk up to the door and take the candy from the people. After a little while the babies were tired so Ryan took them home....Can I just say being able to trick-or-treat in your own neighborhood is AWESOME!!!! Ezra had a BLAST and stayed out much later than I thought he would. It was fun to see the houses that went all out. I love the people who had their garages open and were just hanging out waiting for us! There was a haunted house at one stop, fun! Most houses handed out chocolate two of which handed out full sized candy bars and I got a bath and body works hand sanitizer! I call that a good haul! Ezra was allowed to have one piece of candy and the rest magically disappeared. I fill his pumpkin full of other treats and he spent the morning of November 1st eating them all.
This was a fun print on line that I framed.
We had a dinner party with two of the best David and Karen. We had broccoli cheese soup and garlic bread. After we stuffed ourselves we played some games. It must be known that the girls kicked booty!
Ezra wearing uncle Dave's hat.
David and Karen were the cutest cowboys!
One of the games was golf. Thanks Karen for bring the fun games!!!
These next pictures are from my phone...
A fancy breakfast for General Conference.

Levi watching conference.
I have a picture of Ezra in the same shirt watching conference.
Not the best picture but it shows some of my decorations.
Making "Dorothy's" shoes
This was out front of our house.
It says Ding dong the witch is dead.
I'm looking forward to a fun November and December...I LOVE this time of year!