Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

October 1, 2011
Right down the street from our new house there is a great farm. They grow different fruits and vegetables all through the year. The day we went was very exciting because it was opening day of their pumpkin patch. I LOVE pumpkins!!!!! It was so fun because you actually pick your pumpkins off the vine! It was a absolutely beautiful day!!!

Pumpkin head!
This hat was made by our midwife...isn't it adorable!?!
Working hard to pick that pumpkin

Lucy found some sunglasses

They did this on their own....so sweet!

I have no idea why they all look so serious.....Too cool for school!


That's better!
I love pigtails!
Alan dug out a sweet potato
Here is the whole from his potato

Boy they were mad at me when I took them away so we could pay!


Abby said...

Where is the farm at? That looks like a good place for us to take our boys next year! So much fun!