Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ever Changing

I just wanted to do a quick post about my Ezra boy who seems to be always changing!
Everyday it seems he can do something he couldn't do the day before. So I'm sorry if this is just a rambling post, I just don't want to forget the cute things he is doing right now!!!

Words he says: Help, bird (and signs), up, down, water (and signs), apple, juice (and signs), ball, bubbles, cracker (and signs), Andrew, I LOVE YOU, or I love you too (Most of the time he says "I you"), bunny, what's that, what doing? (he says this all day long!!!), pancake, bread, fish (and signs), cheese (and signs), yes (and nods his head), baby (and signs) and lots more! These are just a few things I can think of right now.
Songs he sings: Happy birthday (he goes around singing "happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!), The clean up song (he says some of the words and hums the rest), "Wee Wee" (a little song my grandma used to sing to me),The theme song to baby signing time, he hums his own little songs as well.
Counting: He can count to five.
Cute things: He swings his arms as he walks, especially when he is excited. Stretches his arms all the way above his head hand flaps his hand when he wants something out of reach. When he hears the blender he squeals for joy.....something good always come from the blender!!! Dances to the music during our car rides. When we play music at home he will stomp his foot to the beat. Gives kisses and hugs. After he gives a kiss he will say "I love you" he will also say "I love you" if he sees Ryan and I kiss. He gives kisses to the babies, rubs my belly and says "I you!" He asks me to watch his favorite show, which is Baby signing time. He just loves everyone!!!

I am so amazed each day by all the new things he says and does! He is such a sweet and happy boy and I'm so glad he's mine!!!!
I love you Ezra!