Monday, April 12, 2010

We're having a.......



and a.....


That's right....


So here they are......

During the ultrasound I kept saying over and over "She looks like Brennan!" What do you think Grandma? My sister is totally beautiful so it's fine with me!

This is our little girl crossing her ankles.
The funny thing is I was doing this same thing right before we started the ultrasound and the lady had to tell me to stop. During the whole thing I kept having to uncross my ankles as I kept crossing them.

It was amazing to watch them interact with each other!
The ultrasound tech said she had never seen twins put their feet together like this. She was in just as much awe as we were.

That is baby Boy being SAT on by his Sister!
Poor guy!!!
In the bottom left picture you can see his arm bent back.
So how do we feel about this?
We couldn't be more happy!
We have had lots of questions......
"Are you shocked?"
"Did you think at all that is might be twins?"
"Are you so freaked out?"
"I thought twins skipped a generation!"
(They say this because my Mom had twins)
The truth is Ryan and I both thought we were having twins. I had the feeling quite early. Whenever I would think about the "baby" or pray for the health of the "baby" in my head I ALWAYS said babies. In fact I finally started praying for my babies. I figured it could count for Ezra and any future children just in case I was only carrying one. When we had the ultrasound we finally had proof for the rest of the world. In fact I would have been in shock if they said it was only one. I think I would have said "Can you please find my other child!" I/we are not freaked out at all! We are SO excited!!!! Triplets would be freaky...twins are not! Yes, of course it will be a lot of work. I KNOW.....I was 14 1/2 when my Mom had my brothers so I remember what it was like! The only thing we are "worried" about is getting all the stuff we need......Our car will NOT fit three car seats so we need a new car. Can you put that on a gift registry? LOL!!! Of coarse we will need other things but that will be the BIG ticket item.
Twins skipping generations is a Old wives tale. Fraternal twins (which is what are twins are) come from two different eggs. So any women with the gene to release two eggs can have twins. If it's in the family, it's in the your chance of getting that gene is like the chance of having blue eyes. Our daughter had a VERY high chance of having twins being a twin herself! We are so happy to have our little family of three become a family of five!
Dear Sweet Babies,
You are spacial. You are wanted. You are loved. We are looking forward to meeting you this August!
We LOVE you!
Mommy, Daddy & Ezra
* We had the Ultrasound Friday April 9th 2010.
Eleven years ago this day is when my Mom had her Ultrasound and found out she was having twins!!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Fair Fun!!!

I LOVE the
Clark County Fair!!!!
But really.....What's not to love?
There is



and FOOD!

We started our day off by going to the pig races. Ezra was so freaked out at first!!!! Then he started signing......
BIRD? "No Ezra, that's a pig." DOG? "No Ezra, that's not a dog it's a pig." CAT? "No Ezra, that's not a cat that's a pig." He doesn't know the sign for pig so he didn't know what to call it. It was so cute to watch him ask us.
Waiting for the dog show.

They have never had this at the fair......
We got to pet Stingrays!
This is where we spent most of our time.
One because Ezra LOVED the animals and two because it was indoors. It ended up being a warm day. The first really warm day of the year. A perfect day for a fair!

Petting a 5 day old porcupine!

This poor Bunny's ears are so long they fold over several times!
When the roosters got a little too laud......
This is where you would find Ezra.
It was so cute when Ezra started copying the rooster crowing!

Ezra loved all the birds!
He spent a lot of time by these little chicks. He would sign bird and he started putting his fingers in the cage to pet them.
I guess it's good to love the animal that gives you your favorite food!

Me holding a BABY KANGAROO!!!!!!
So I really must give some background to this picture. As I said before we spent a lot of time in the small animal area. The first two times the the kangaroos were not out.....I didn't even know they had any. Then I saw them and I was in LOVE! They were letting people not only touch them but hold them too! So I patiently waited as many children held the kangaroo. More and more kids kept coming up and their parents would take their picture. So I waited and waited. I knew they were getting ready to put them away and give them a little break but that was ok because I was next. Then this dumb teenager girl came and took the joey from this little girl just as I was about to have my turn. Then one of the ladies in charge said she needed to put them away. I was crushed!!!!! I asked her when they would be back out and she said 15-20min. That didn't happen. We left and did some other stuff. Then we went back and they were out again! YAY! So I asked the boy if I could take a picture. He said yes and he looked like he was handing the joey to me but when I tried to hold him he said I couldn't. The adults were on break so that must be the rules. Oh well I thought.....At least I got a picture touching a joey. But really I was still bummed! So we were getting ready to leave and I decided to go see the animals one last time. That's when I got my chance to hold the joey!!!!! It was really cool! They are so soft, like a bunny. So that's the story of me waiting all day to hold a baby kangaroo. It was totally worth it!!!!!

Because it was later in the evening most people had gone home so we were the only ones by the animals and Ezra could finally get close. It was also the end of the day so he wasn't afraid anymore.
Yes, in that center picture Ezra is holing hands with the monkey!
All the animals out to touch was a new thing this year. I thought it was great!
We did get to see Ashely & Ivy for a little while. They got there late because Ashley worked part of the day. We shared a cotton candy and a HUGE curly fry. I had to wait to eat them with my sister!
We'll see you next year!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


As a child I always received TWO Easter baskets! One from the Easter Bunny and the other from my Grandma & Grandpa (Mom's parents). Spoiled I know!!! Well, I STILL get TWO Easter baskets. All these years later my Grandad and Aunt carry on the tradition. Now Ivy and Ezra get to enjoy the LOOT too! Yes, Great-Grandad makes them baskets!!!
Last year the kids were too young to know what was going on, but they sure had a great time this year.

It was different not having my parents and younger sibling there. We were a much smaller group than normal. My Cousin Stephanie came down from California (Yes...Easter is that big of a deal to our family). Stephanie is my only cousin as her Father (my Mother's only sibling) Steve died when Stephanie was only three years old. We ate lots of food and enjoyed our Family traditions.........
Egg hunt, baskets, and penny hunt.
What's a penny hunt? Well the grownup in charge (I am not a grownup yet......I still hunt) throws a bunch of pennies on the lawn and we search for them. Whoever get the most pennies wins.This is really hard because the grass "eats" the pennies. If you don't believe me try it! We still do the regular penny hunt but we now also do a hunt with chocolate gold coins. The different sized coins are worth different amounts of money. Yes, we get cash prizes at our party! Ezra and I got TEN dollars this year! Oh, and I must say that I won the penny hunt this year! This is something that never would have happened if my brothers were there.
Just for a little history my Grandma started this tradition with the neighbor children when they first moved to Las Vegas. The house they lived in is my home today. My front yard was the first penny hunting grounds.
On Easter Sunday Ezra and I spent the day watching Conference and spending some time Grandma Gail (Ryan's Mom). When Ryan got home from work we had a yummy chicken dinner with homemade biscuits (made by Ryan). It was a relaxing day!
The Easter Bunny Brought Ezra: his favorite organic bunny crackers Mommy: lots of Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs, red nail polish, jelly beans, silly string and a Princess coloring book and Daddy: Cadbury eggs and homemade chocolate chip cookies (Somehow the Easter Bunny got me to make them for him.......Lazy Bunny!)
Of course this would not be a Petersen post with out TONS of pictures so here they are.......

Ashley & I made the bunny Baskets for my Grandad and Aunt. I made the girl and Ashley made the boy. These are made out of milk jugs. My Mom taught us to make these many years ago.

Hunting for eggs
He liked it for a while but then he just wanted to play in the rocks.

So here's a little bragging....
I made Ivy's dress out of on of Ryan's old shirts! Look it up online....It really fun! I being a bit of a over achiever decided that I needed to add a little more so I added a tie and the flower. Look up fabric rag roses. I also made my headband.
I was really hoping to get some good pictures of the kids while we were at my Grandad's house but there was way too much going on! Still wanting my pictures I dressed the kids up a couple days later and did a photo shoot. I wish I had someone there to take a video because It was funny! Not the kids...ME!!!! Trying to get a one year old and a two year old to stay in one place AND look pleasant is hard! Good luck if you want a smile!!!! My trick......Raisins and a stuffed frog that sings "Ladies Night" Are you getting the picture of how funny this was?
So here they are........

The G.Q. Look

My happy boy!