Sunday, April 13, 2014


December 12, 2012
Poor Lucy banged her face up...I have no idea what happened...growing pains!

That's what I'm talking about!

December 19, 2012
This is possibly one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen!


December 18, 2012
The kids were supposed to be napping. Instead I found these pictures on my camera.

Migical Forest

December 16, 2012
 Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Petersen for taking us out for a fun night!

Ward Christmas party

December 15, 2012

Family date

December 14, 2012
Today we got to hear the baby's heartbeat, eat and Mac Donald's (AND get happy meals) and see the lights at Ethel Ms garden. FUN day!

Slumber party

December 7, 2012
L&L think having a slumber party is pretty cool! I hope they are always close!!!!

Baby bump

December 13, 2012


December 8-11, 2012
I'm a Christmas tree LOVER! Must be real, must be big, must be beautiful! My dad came over to help us put it up since Ryan wasn't supposed to be doing too much and wasn't supposed to lift anything. It took us a few days to get it done but it truned out great!



December 3, 2012
One of our favorite things to do at Christmas time is frost cookies!

oh, and eat them too!


December 6, 2012
I love this girl!


November 24, 2012
Right around Thanksgiving Ryan started not feeling well. Thinking it wasn't anything he kept going. He was up all night on the 23rd feeling sick. I took him into the Dr. and they thought it was his appendix but said he looked too good. Ha Ha. Well after waiting all day in the ER late at night the Dr. decided to operate
They were supposed to go in laparoscopically  but when they went in things were so bad they had to do a big cut. They said he must have had problems with his appendix several times because it had healed to other organs! The kids lovingly refer to his tummy as Frankenstein :)

Daddy got dressed so he could have the sacrament brought to him.
Hanging out with Daddy while he tries to heal.