Thursday, October 28, 2010

Little bit of this and a little bit of that

Here are some photos from the past month.

September 30, 2010


I love those socks! The little toy was mine when I was a baby.

Ezra loves hats right now.

Ezra is wearing Daddy's hat and helping us do some baking.

October 11, 2010

Levi was sleeping and Ezra was playing with his little sister. They just looked too cute!

Lucy was all smiles during her diaper change.

October 12, 2010
Ezra and his old friend......
Swing swing
He climbed in nuzzled himself into a perfect position and put the blanket on top of himself..... (readjusting every three seconds)
Then he reached up and turned it on....
Then he gave Lucy and Levi a ride.
Ryan and I sat there and watched Ezra for about a half an hour cracking up the whole time. I REALLY wish we had a video because it was hilarious!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

11 weeks

Levi and Lucy are 11 weeks old as of yesterday. They are STILL sick:( They still have the thrush and they have colds on top of that. Basically until we get the thrush cleared up they have NO immune system. So any little sniffle they EASILY catch. I took them to church almost two weeks ago and Lucy caught something that she still has and has shared it now with Levi. No one even touched them. Yes, that is how low their immune systems are. It scares me because it's now RSV season as well as cold and flu. I won't be taking them around people for awhile!!! If we go anywhere as a family it is either outside or in a large space where people won't be very close to them. I am currently trying to combat the yeast through my eating (as well as the medicine they get) I am trying not to eat yeast or sugar.....sugar feeds yeast. This includes natural sugar ie fruit. This is really hard for me because when I nurse I crave sugar. (To look on the bright side....if there is a bright side about no sugar or bread...I might loose some weight:) I'm just trying anything and everything I can to make these babies better. I bought some stuff to do a yeast cleanse but then I read on the back...."do not take if pregnant or nursing." I've got to say having sick babies for 10 weeks is really frustrating! They don't feel well so they get fussy and don't sleep very well. This is hard on the WHOLE family!!! I really hope they get well soon!!! If not we will be spending our holiday season as hermit crabs. I must say that I feel grateful that this is what we have to deal with! Things could be much worse!!! We are very blessed!!!

Now for the individual report.....

It is really important to me that they get as much individual attention as possible! The fact that they are twins is REALLY awesome!....But I just want them to be treated as individuals because they are two different people.

LEVI: BIG NEWS..... He rolls over from his tummy to his back! He did this for the first time just this week (Wednesday, October 20th). He has found his voice. I love to hear his coos! He also does big smiles. He is very strong and will push himself up for quite a long time. While he pushes himself up he moves his legs like he is going to crawl....not yet buddy....not yet! There were a couple of days this week where Ezra and Lucy were both sleeping so it was just the two of us. We had fun! I say we were playing "only child."I love you handsome boy!!!


LUCY: Such a charmer! She will look you right in the eyes and just smile and talk to you. She is a wiggler! She almost always has her arms and legs going. She is starting to use her little voice. I love listening to her talk! She does seem to like tummy time very much. She spits up A LOT! Sometimes I think gee...I would have to feed her so often if she would spit up less:) I Love you Beauty Doll!!!

I told you Lucy is always moving

These pictures were taken October 14, 2010 one day shy of 10 weeks old.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Love Munchkins' 4 week old photo shoot

Yes, I know that the babies are over 10 weeks old now and I'm just getting these pictures posted. I'm kind of busy ;) The photos aren't completely edited the way I wanted but that might not happen until they are like......four, so I decided to post them now. By the way my Aunt Kim nicknamed Levi and Lucy The Love Munchkins after seeing their pictures on facebook because they are always cuddling. I think it's cute!

The top picture is titled
"I'll take care of you"
All three pictures make my heart melt!

Sweet Angel Babies
The blankets were made by their Grandma Diana. Aren't they beautiful?!?

We LOVE Disneyland! We were going to go for Christmas this year like we did last year but going with four month old twins and a almost two year old didn't sound like fun. We even have a room reserved.....I still need to cancel that :( The Mickey ears are from my niece Ivy's Build a Bear.

We love to shoot for a minute straight and see all the faces babies make.

Lucy & Daddy
Something you need to know is Lucy started working on Daddy at a VERY young age.....She will look right into his eyes, stick out her bottom lip and cry with real tears. This started at about two and half weeks old, No joke!
He says "Lucy you better stop that or I'll give you a spanking." He is joking of course.
Lets see how that works when she is sixteen and says "Daddy I want a car."
We have more pictures of Lucy for a couple different reasons. First, She was awake during most of our shoot (and being so adorable) and second she has all those fun accessories that Levi doesn't. Sorry Levi! Mommy and Daddy love you too!!! Poor guy was born and seven minutes later became the middle child.

In the tree top

Hey don't forget about me!
Our first love munchkin
While my mom was here she taught Ezra how to play with play dough. He loves it!
Ezra helping the babies be happy during the shoot.
These photos were taken by Mommy and Daddy. We love all of our Love Munchkins!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Phone photos

I don't know all the dates these photos were taken (my phone doesn't keep a date). They are in chronological order. The first picture was when L&L were a couple weeks old. The last picture is from a week and a half ago.
Proof that Ezra likes helping around the house.

(I will show this to him when he is 13......He will still like helping when he is 13 right?.......positive affirmations!)

Snuggling in the stroller at the end of our family walk.
Pet store, a free and entertaining place to go!
Ezra was hanging out by the turtles and waving to the birds.

Beautiful shopper
We went grocery shopping as a family. We hit four stores with three kids in under three hours, with minimal crying....not bad.
Here's how it went......
We need two carts. One cart is for the babies (they ride in their car seats) and the other cart holds Ezra and the food.

1st stop Sunflower market: The whole gang went in.
2nd stop Sam's club: Daddy went in, the rest of us stayed in the car. Mommy fed Levi.
3rd stop Trader Joe's: Mommy went in. Lucy and Ezra stayed in their car seats. Daddy held Levi in the front seat because he was still unhappy.
4th stop Smiths: The whole gang went in.
The babies cried all the way home.

It was a four eyed four legged flying purple people eater......
Yes, we still have thrush:( We are now trying Gentian Violet to get rid of it. It stains EVERYTHING this lovely shade of purple. If this doesn't work we trying everything all over again until the thrush is gone. Let's hope this works!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Where do I start? My mom came from Australia to help us. She was here form June 14th-September 24th. The reason she came so early is because I could not take care of Ezra as I was in bed most of the time. This was a sacrifice for not only her but also for my father and three youngest sibling as they had to live without their wife/mom. I am sad that she is gone! I am sad because I don't know when I will get to see her again:( I am thankful that we had time together but sad that I couldn't really do anything fun with her while she was here (because I was in bed /tired/grumpy/feeding babies).
I have been trying to get this post done for WEEKS, but there is NO time! It's not everything I wanted it to be:( So here is the short version.....
MOM/BAMA (Ezra's name for her)
We love you and miss you!!!