Sunday, November 28, 2010


Fact: Thanksgiving is Ryan's favorite holiday.

What's not to eat yummy food relax and then eat some more.

This year we spent Thanksgiving with Ryan's family. We were able to have everyone there except for his brother Brandon and his family. It is very rare when we can all get together! The last time we were all together was when Ezra was two months old. It was most of the family's first time meeting the babies and it was our first time meeting our nephew Ashton. Everyone made tasty food. I made the rolls and a broccoli cheese dish that is one of my family traditions. I meant to take pictures.....but I didn't. I did bring my camera. I get points for that right?


  • Ryan: He is such a wonderful husband and father! He is a good person who wants to help others and does whenever he possibly can.

  • Ezra, Levi & Lucy: These three bring so much joy to my life! I am so blessed to be a mother.

  • Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ: EVERYTHING I have I owe to them!!!

  • A home

  • Cars. The night before Thanksgiving I was driving home and I saw a family bundled up and walking. I said a silent thank you as I sat in my warm car. What a blessing having a car or cars is!

  • Food

  • My church: I am a member of the church of Jesus Christ of later days saints.

  • Friends

  • Family

These are just a few things I am thankful for. I am truly SO very blessed!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to......

I had a wonderful birthday! We started celebrating the night before. Ryan's parents made us dinner, STAKE, my favorite. Ryan's Dad makes the best stake. I can't order stake at restaurants anymore without being disappointed because it's not as good as Dennis makes it.

Ryan took the day off for my birthday so he could spoil me:) I was served breakfast in bed, Ego waffles and bacon. Ezra carried in a present for me to open, the third season of the Gilmore Girls. After I opened my present Ryan said I should head to the kitchen where I found this.....
Flowers (three different kinds to represent our three children), Sees chocolates (hand picked by Ryan so I could have all my favorites), and two more presents. The first present a shirt that I saw in the store, I told Ryan I liked it. Ryan went back to the store and got it for me ( I'm wearing the shirt in all the photos). The last present is something I've wanted ever since I first heard of them.....TOMS
Have you heard of them? Well the cool thing about TOMS is for every pair you buy a pair of shoes is given to a child in need "One For One". Learn more about the company at . I've been talking about TOMS so much that Ryan and my sisters decided to buy them for my birthday. My sisters called Ryan to tell him they bought TOMS in red so he wouldn't get them for me. Ryan called them back and told them he already bought them for me. My sisters "cursed" Ryan for being such a good husband and buying me the shoes. RYAN REALLY IS AWESOME!!! Still at the mall Ashley & Brennan decided to get another color. How sweet are my sisters and husband!?! I guess they love me :)
Myself, Ryan and the kids went to church as a family, what a treat! After church I was able to talk to The Aussies (my family). Later that evening we had dinner with our church friends, a thanksgiving potluck fest......great job everyone. My friends even made me a birthday cake, chocolate cherry with gnash on top, YUM!
After dinner we came home and my sisters gave me their gift (TOMS) and sang happy birthday to me with a candle on top of a poptart.
Ezra helping me with the candles

Thank you to EVERYONE who made my birthday wonderful! I had a great day!!!

By the way....I'm 26.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

3 Months

Levi and Lucy are three months old! I must say it has been the longest/fastest three months of my life. Long because there is not a lot of sleep and there is a lot of feeding.....and fast because I am so busy ALL the time!!! It's very hard but I love it!

My friend Ashley made these outfits. Aren't they cute!?!

He loves his his siblings but has been really rough with them lately. He is defiantly going though the terrible twos :( He is still a sweet boy......who likes to throw fits. I love him more than he will ever know!

What a sweet smiley boy! I love to hear him laugh and see him smile!!! He was sleeping really well but has stopped:( I just love him!!!

She has traded Levi on sleeping....she is now the "better" sleeper. (Someday I hope they will sleep at the same time:) She loves to giggle for her Daddy. I love getting her up in the morning, she gives me the biggest smile. She still spits up a lot:(I LOVE my sweet girl.
Just a quick update......That's all I have time for.
Well I've made it through three months of three kids under two. We are all alive and happy.....most of the time:)
I love these kids!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Gift-It-Forward Birthday Present

First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! Her birthday is really tomorrow (November 8th) but it is already the 8th in Australia where they live.
I have found a new website that I like It is full of stories of small and large acts of kindness. I've read these stories while up at night feeding babies. It has helped me when I am tired and grumpy to read them and think of others instead of myself.
I got this Gift-It-Forward idea from one of the stories I read. So here is the idea......Next Sunday (November 14th) is my birthday. I am asking you all for a present. The present I'm asking for is a act of kindness, not for me but for someone else. You can do something big or small ,the idea is just to make someone smile. They will smile and you too will smile. I am also going to be doing something for someone else too. It feels good to do things for others. It makes me happy. Knowing that you all will be doing things for others on my birthday will be awesome. We can make it a happy day for many, not just the birthday girl.
Alright you have one week to think of what you would like to "give me" I'm excited! Are you? Feel free to leave a comment on this post if you have any kind act ideas, leave a note so others can get ideas. You can leave a comment saying what you are giving if you would like.....but don't feel like you have to:) I will not be reading any of the comments on this post until next Sunday. It will be like opening a present.
Ok, now I've got to figure out what I'm "getting" myself.........Happy "shopping" everyone!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Funny Farm

Old Mrs. Petersen had a farm.......






The Very, VERY young and NOT AT ALL OLD Mrs. Petersen had a farm......

And on her farm she had a....


With a....

Bawk, Bawk
and a......

Bawk, Bawk

here a.....


there a....


everywhere a....


The VERY young (and BEAUTIFUL) Mrs. Petersen had a farm....


And on her farm she had a....




OH MY!!!!


I say if Siegfried and Roy can have tigers in their backyard I can have tigers and bears on my farm! This is Vegas.

We had fun celebrating Halloween, despite Levi and Lucy still being sick.

October 22: We took Ezra to The Bass Pro shop to see the fish. He loved the fish and all the "stuffed animals". They had little Halloween activities going on but he was having too much fun running around to really care about that.
October 28: My sewing club girls had a party for the kids at the park. I took Ezra while Ryan watched the babies. I timed it just right, they slept the whole time! Ezra had a great time playing and I was thrilled to get out of the house!
October 29: I found out that a preschool was doing a free Halloween party, petting zoo, pony rides and Trick-or-Treating. I really wanted to do something fun and festive as a family that wasn't ALL about candy, since we still aren't giving Ezra sugar. The other great thing I was excited about was the fact that it was a outdoors event so we wouldn't be in a germ infested room with lots of people (these are things you have to factor in when you have sick babies). Well the event wasn't all it was cracked up to be. There were two ponies (which Ezra and Ivy never got to ride), NO petting zoo and there was only three places to "Trick-or-Treat". What they DID have was a little playground that Ezra and Ivy loved! Ryan played with the kids while I nursed the babies. Something I really wish I got a picture of is Ryan in Ivy's witch hat. He was a trooper and wore it for her....what a nice uncle! Even though it wasn't all we thought it would be the kids had such a great time. And that's what matters.
So much for my "safe" environment......This little girl all of a sudden came and sat SUPER close to Levi and sneezed on him!!! GROSS! Her mom totally yelled at her. I took his costume home and washed it. Now I guard the babies at outdoor events as well.
October 30: We had a Trunk-or-Treat at our church. Don't worry I kept my eyes on everyone and made SURE they would not sneeze on my babies! Ezra was SO cute! He would Say "Trick-or-Treat (person gives candy) Thank you, bu bye!" We were there for about a hour.....The babies cried about half the time (we were having a REALLY bad day). The BEST part of the evening was the huge container of pancit my friend Michelle gave to me!!! Totally made my day...really days because I'm eating some while I type. It was nice to have something special to eat:) This diet has been no fun! No treats for Halloween......a sin! If it helps the babies it will be worth it!!!
October 31: We stayed home and passed out treats to the kids.....AND adults...We had two women (in thier 30s) with no costumes on come Trick-orTreating! WHAT??? I made Ezra a jack-o-lantern pizza. For treats he had pretzels, raisins, fruit leather, cracker,cookies (NO sugar...I use banana and a couple tablespoons of honey to sweeten) and slushy (juice and ice mixed in our Vitmix). So he had his fair share of treats! I made Ryan a carmel apple and tried to not be too sad while he ate it.

Ezra LOVED the chicken costume!!! He would say "I Chicken!" and "Hat" (so I would out the hood on) The truth is he HATED the costume at first! I put it on him and he screamed until I took it off. So I had a brilliant idea....If I could get Ivy to wear it he would want to wear it. My plan worked like a charm. Now he wants to wear it ALL the time.

Here are a few more pictures....

Feeling festive!
Levi had Frankenstein socks on and Lucy had jack-o-lantern socks.

The Pumpkin King
Carved by Ryan
I never ended up getting to carve my pumpkin......the babies were having a rough week:(

At the preschool I was trying to get a picture of the kids next to the decorations. See how well it (did not) worked.....

My chicken wanted to run!

Happy Halloween!