Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pre Thanksgiving dinner

November 18, 2011

Because of weird work schedules the whole family (Todd and Dorothy family) would not be together on Thanksgiving, so we had a pre Thanksgiving feast. It was also nice to be able to have my Granddad and Aunt over. My camera died after only two photos but I'm sure you get the idea.....

We ate yummy food!

Me...Happy Birthday to...Me!

Ryan surprised me the weekend before my birthday with a one night stay at a hotel. I have NEVER spent the night away for any of my kids!!!! It was nice to have a little (less than 24 hour) break! At the hotel I got a massage in the spa, fancy!
On my birthday we went out to lunch at Pei Wei then frozen yogurt and Maggiano's for dinner. If you don't know you can sign up for lots of different birthday clubs online and you get coupons for free stuff for your birthday f.y.i.

Thank you to everyone who made my day special!!!!

Sweet 16!!!

My little sister Bethany is 16!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Race 4 Rob

November 12, 2011
I've been in a few 5Ks now but this one was really special! Most races are for some sort of charity but this one was really close to home for me. This was a race to raise money for a family friend Rob Hale. Rob's dad was my stake president (a church leader) for many years, his brother was one of my close friends in high school and his mom and sister were skin care clients of mine. I LOVE the Hale family!!!!! Rob graduated from the UNLV dental program and then went on to Texas to for specialty training (another TWO years). When he was about a month out from graduating he suffered a brain aneurysm and a stroke. Through the grace of God he is not only alive he is progressing more and more each day toward living a normal life! Miracles have happened!!!! He is doing well but still has a long journey! Of course there are many, many medical bills, plus just paying for everyday life. He is married and has two little boys. To find more information please visit http://helpingthehales.blogspot.com/
It was so wonderful to participate in a fun event for a wonderful cause! It was a blast seeing some old friends!!! Now as for my running......I finished in under 30 min!!!!!!! This was my goal:) My last 5k was on October 22nd. I cut FIVE minutes off my time in less than a month! YAY me! I've been running two day a week with a running group from church and I've also been going to aerobics classes at church 2-3 days a week. I am loving it!!!

How cute is my Mom!?!
She also cute time off her run!!!
We send much love to the Hales and pray for many more miracles!!!!

Happy Birthday Mom!

November 8, 2011
We had fun celebrating my Mom's birthday! My mom wanted Angle food cake, so I made my first one. It turned out great!
Mom is looking great!!!!
Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!!
We love you!

Why I HATE daylight savings....

November 8, 2011
I remember the days when I thought the "falling back" part of day light savings was SO awesome...That was before children!!! So my kids haven't been doing great with sleeping as it is and then this whole day light savings thing through another wrench into things! Lucy and Levi were both up before 4 A.M.!!! I was at my cousins birthday party the night before so I was even more tired than normal. I was already very anti day light savings and then this happened......
Lucy broke my clock! I took the clock off the wall to change the time (because of the DUMB day light savings) well I was late getting my siblings to school so I left the clock (out of child reach) til I could get back and hang it. While I was gone Lucy through the toy truck from the second floor braking the clock...REALLY? Let me just say NONE of this would have happened if there were no day light savings......I'm just sayin'!

Who Me?
Don't mind Lucy's just got up and ate oatmeal look.
Lucy knew I was mad so she tried to earn her keep by cleaning up after her brother....
Lucy, Thank you?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

How did I get SO lucky????

To have TWO handsome sons!!!!!
(and a beautiful daughter, but this post is not about her....sorry Lucy!)
Lucy wasn't feeling well so my mom stayed home with her, while I took these cuties to church.

The model

I LOVE my CRAZY kids!!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011



Honoring Grandpa

November 4, 2011
There is a museum in Henderson that is dedicated to one of my Granddad's former art students. The owners contacted my Grandad because they wanted to do a art show to honor him. It was a lovely event! My Grandad is a award winning artist, inventor of The Funny Brush (an art tool), published writer and art teacher.
Mom and I
The art on the left is not my Granddad's
Bethany Grandad and Aunt Frieda
The wonderful harp player! She is really GOOD! The funny thing is she is my step aerobics teacher! It was fun running into her! She is multi talented!!!!!
Alan, Andrew and Dad

A small look a some of Granddad's work
Ivy, Ashley, Joey, Brennan and Aaron

Grandad and I
Congratulations Grandad!

After Halloween deals

I LOVE a good deal!!!! Ryan needed to pick up a couple of things at Wal-mart and when we got there they had just announced that ALL the Halloween stuff was 25 CENTS! This did exclude costumes but the were only a dollar! So we went shopping!!!!
We spent $15 and got a ton of stuff! The pumpkins (10) are the kind you plug in to light up.
Like my Go Go boots!?!
Ezra found some snakes, a couple of rats, a spider and a fly....ALL gross but he loves them!

Little bits and pieces of Halloween...

October was such a fun month! We did so many fun things! I didn't get any pictures on Halloween:( Ryan was a Mad scientist and looked awesome! He just put a few things together last minute and it just looked great! The kids had fun trick-or-treating! I bought Ezra one of those plastic orange pumpkins because every time we went to the store he begged for one. The day I came home with it he was so excited! We dressed the kids up in their outfits from the twins birthday and they were a hit. Levi and Lucy would walk up to the door and take the candy from the people. After a little while the babies were tired so Ryan took them home....Can I just say being able to trick-or-treat in your own neighborhood is AWESOME!!!! Ezra had a BLAST and stayed out much later than I thought he would. It was fun to see the houses that went all out. I love the people who had their garages open and were just hanging out waiting for us! There was a haunted house at one stop, fun! Most houses handed out chocolate two of which handed out full sized candy bars and I got a bath and body works hand sanitizer! I call that a good haul! Ezra was allowed to have one piece of candy and the rest magically disappeared. I fill his pumpkin full of other treats and he spent the morning of November 1st eating them all.
This was a fun print on line that I framed.
We had a dinner party with two of the best David and Karen. We had broccoli cheese soup and garlic bread. After we stuffed ourselves we played some games. It must be known that the girls kicked booty!
Ezra wearing uncle Dave's hat.
David and Karen were the cutest cowboys!
One of the games was golf. Thanks Karen for bring the fun games!!!
These next pictures are from my phone...
A fancy breakfast for General Conference.

Levi watching conference.
I have a picture of Ezra in the same shirt watching conference.
Not the best picture but it shows some of my decorations.
Making "Dorothy's" shoes
This was out front of our house.
It says Ding dong the witch is dead.
I'm looking forward to a fun November and December...I LOVE this time of year!