Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

It's November 1st already!?! Where did the time go?

Well here's what we did for Halloween..........

My Name is Earl
Earl & Joy
Ryan had to work on Halloween so some of the guys he works with had a party a week before Halloween. Ryan and I went as Earl and Joy from the T.V. show My name is Earl. Ryan's mustache was a big hit! Ryan made the mustache himself with some spirit glue and hair extensions. Yes, Ryan's eyes are closed on purpose. Earl can't keep his eyes open in pictures.
On Halloween I spent the day with my family making carmel and candy apples, jack-o-lantern pizzas and Trick-or-Treating.
Bethany making her carmel apple.
Also in this picture is her nephew.... See my belly.


He was really excited.


Ivy & Grandma

My candy & carmel apples and my pizza
Ivy & Aunt Brittany
This was Ivy's 1st Halloween, she had a great time! We pushed her around in a stroller. As we were pushing her she was kicking her feet and pointing at everything. She liked waving bye bye to the people as we left the houses. Ivy was a horse for Halloween but everyone thought she was a cow and a boy. In this picture she is sporting her Halloween headband that I made her.

So years ago (2006) before I had a blog. Ryan and I went to a work party as Not so Happily Ever After. Most of you haven't seen these pictures so I thought I would post them. The story was Prince Charming and Cinderella got in a fight. Although Cinderella was pretty beat up..... choke marks on her neck, a black eye, fat lip, and one earring ripped out. It was Prince Charming who had the fatal ending as Cinderella stabbed him. Prince Charming came back to haunt Cinderella as a zombie.
So here's what it looks like when Happily Ever After isn't so happy.
The perfect couple

Not guilty!

Poor Prince Charming!

Poor Cinderella!

Dead man walking

The perfect wedding cake topper, right?
And they lived crapily I mean Happily ever after!
Make-up by Brittany