Thursday, January 13, 2011

Feed Me!

December 23, 2010

Ezra's favorite food is peanut butter and honey sandwiches. I guess we didn't feed him fast enough..... "A Peanut, a honey.......PLEASE!!!"

Petersen Christmas

Dcember 17, 2010

Ryan's FAVOITE brother Branden came to town (one and only brother)........ He brought down two of his boys, Sawyer and Bridger. We missed His wife, Lynne and other son Caleb but we were SO happy to have part of the gang here! Branden and his family live in Alaska so we don't get to see them very often :( While he was in town we did our family Christmas gathering. Unfortunatly we were a small group this year. Ryan's sisters Michelle and Jenenlle and their families live out of town and were unable to make it. His sister Danielle and her family were suposed to come but her kids got sick. Amie's son, Dustin was sick and her daughter Lauren was working so it was just her and Brayden......Like I said, small group. We MISSED all of you who couldn't be there!!! The food was wonderful and we enjoyed a story read by grandma Diana and flute playing by papa Dennis.
Belive it or not I brought my camera AND took pictures:)
Ezra and Bridger had fun wresling with Branden!Untill it wasn't fun....Ezra started to cry. He doesn't have big brothers to "beat" on him, so he isn't used to having all out brawls.BridgerGrandpa & LucyAuntie Amie & LeviGrandma & LucyEzra eating ice, one of his favorite things about going to G&G's.Grandpa and Brayden playing their flutesGrandma and Grandpa got Ezra a marble game....his other favoite thing to do at their houseSawyer and I playing "cheakers" aparently I have been playing it wrong all these years. Sawyer's Rules: Sawyer may do anything that helps him to win.

Wild Ride

December 15, 2010

I've been wanting to get bikes for quite sometime. I thought it would be a fun and healthy activity for the whole family. The outfit we would need for our family is quite a lot....Two bikes, a trailer and a seat for Ezra. Even going the "cheap" route would still cost quite a bit. So I went to my favorite "shop" CRAIGSLIST! I was able to find the whole outfit (minus Ezra's seat) for $100! Granted, they aren't the top of the line bikes, but they are in great condition and they get us from point A to point B. Point A being our house and point be being Sam's Club. Yes, we ride our bikes to Sam's Club to do our shopping and ride home. It's really fun! Ezra LOVES going on rides and the babies sleep (something they rarely do...but that's another post). We try and ride at least once a week. So the title of this post is "Wild ride" well here's why....No it's not because we take out three kids two and under (although that does make it pretty wild). It's because of the wildlife we see.

Now I'm sure many of you have seen a butterfly on your bike ride.......And depending on where you live maybe even a horse.....

But have you ever seen a dinosaur?....

I didn't think so.

Daddy, a dinosar and our outfit
Sleeping wildlife

Mommy and a dinosaur

In all reality the costume are the warmest clothes that the babies have which explains the constant state of Halloween in which we live. But, they sure are cute.


December 15, 2010

Ezra was sitting at the table eating his breakfest and Ryan and I were in the livingroom taking care of the babies when I walked into the kitchen and found this..... Ezra was no longer eating his breakfast. He was giving himself a facial. Good thing.....he has been looking a little aged. I hope this facial can bring him a youthful glow.

Remember this little one?.......
This was Ezra's first facial.

I did get a little video of Ezra but I don't know how to load them on here yet. He was saying, "I need to wash my eyeball."

Christmas pjs

I know most people open thier Christmas pjs on Christmas eve but I've thought of a new tradition that we will do in our family.... We will open our Christmas pjs on the day after Thanksgiving. This way we can enjoy them for the whole season.
The kids had several sets of pjs...some were items I bought but most were given to us.
*Funny story.....
So Last year after Christmas they had little baby pjs on sale. I knew I was expecting so I wanted to get some for our new baby. But what should I buy...boy or girl..what would we have? I had a feeling it could be twins and I've always wanted girl/boy twins so I bought pjs for a boy and pjs for a girl:)* The pjs I got for Levi were seen in the Santa run photos. Lucy's are seen below....Babydoll Their pjs say Baby's first Christmas
This is what our almost two year old looks like much of the time!


Family Pictures

November 10, 2010

We took family pictures and we didn't do to bad (if I say so myself) for having three little ones So here is our favorit picture... I used this photo to make our Christmas cards and I had them done by Thanksgiving...althought not everyone ended up receiving their cards. I do feel acomplished in the fact tha I got them done!