Monday, May 30, 2011

9 Months

May 6, 2011

(yes still playing catch-up...I did take these pictures and write this post on May 6th so it is accurate!)

NINE MONTHS??? Really!?! It's hard to believe that my sweet babies are that old!

Levi- This little guy LOVES Mama! That's just fine with me.....except when I want a break;) He says Mom/Mama all the time. I went to a dental appointment and poor Levi was so upset, he crawled up and down the hall and into the rooms crying out "Mom, mama, mom." Levi also says Dada. Most of the time it's dadadadada, getting squeakier as he goes. He is currently really like the ssssss sound. I remember when Ezra used to ssssss all the time too. I love it! Levi signs the word milk, usually while screaming at me because he wants food NOW! When I get ready to feed him, I mean I'm sitting down ready to nurse, he screams until he gets food. Speaking of getting mad, he has adopted Lucy's hand balled into fists shaking screaming thing and Lucy has pretty much given it up. He now has four teeth (two on bottom and two on the top) and he is currently working on at least one more. This whole teething thing has not been fun for Levi, or anyone else for that matter! Levi does not sit on his bottom at all, he kneels. He is crawling everywhere, pulling himself up to stand and face planting (I HATE this!). Levi is such a sweet boy!

Is still a princess! Although she will now crawl to you but she has a system....Crawl a little, sit, wait, act cute, if this doesn't work she will crawl a little more and repeat. Lucy is crawling all over the house casing after her brothers. She loves to talk.....AAHAHHAHHA...Funny gasp....AHAHAAHAAH. She sticks out her tongue while doing this. The ladies at church found this very entertaining last week. Lucy plays with her tongue quite a bit, as well as her hands. She has two teeth on the bottom (two teething babies and a two year old who has been acting very "two"....that's just mean!) Lucy loves the bath! She does the cutest little sit flip around back and forth thing, with a big smiles and giggles. Lucy signs milk and more. She's just too stinking cute! Ezra-

Is testing his boundaries! Regardless of his two year old moments he is still the biggest sweetheart and is smart and handsome to boot! Here is a conversation that I had with him yesterday.....

Me: Ezra, please be quite. Grandma and Daddy are sleeping.

Ezra: Why are they sleeping?

Me: Because they work so hard. After you go to bed the grown-ups still have to work.

Ezra: That's just crazy!

Here is what the kids really wanted to do instead of taking pictures....Legos!

All playing NICELY together!!!

This brings me much hope!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

We're all together again.......

April 6-24, 2011

My family came for a visit! My siblings hadn't seen my Dad in almost two years!!! We had a great time being together. Here is a sample of what we did while they were here...... Said HELLO

(this is Levi meeting Grandpa)

Fed the ducks.....

and anything else we could chase down.

Ezra yells at the ducks "EAT the food ducks. Come eat!"

Went on lots of walks

Surprised Dad.....

and celebrated his birthday.



Got into trouble

times 2!

Lucy got her first adjustment from Grandpa....

and so did Levi.

Skin treatments

Our "Little" family

My kids love their uncles and aunt! They are the perfect age because they have the energy to keep up! Andrew is such a love bug:)

Ate food.....

and more food.....

What? We like food OK!?!

This is Ezra with his first "snow cone" We put his juice on the ice instead of the syrup. He thought it was awesome!
Went to the FAIR!!!!

Lucy & Levi had their first Mum Mums (rice husks). Big hit! Ezra loved these things too. Look for them at Wal-mart in the baby section. Great for teething!

Watched some pig races....

Ezra was picked as a cheerleader and his pig WON! Hence the pig nose prize and Oreos (which were given to Daddy). Ezra was loving all the pigs this year.

Did our best to keep warm!

This was NOT easy....The weather was terrible at the fair this year!!! The day we went it was horribly windy, I mean gusts. The next day it snowed!

Took a train ride

Played in the sand

Saw some chicks

(Ezra's favorite last year)


Lucy and Levi took their first solo baths.....


You know what I mean.

A new cousin was born!

Hailey Marie Waldron

April 12, 2011

Ate more yummy food!

Levi got his first bloody nose:(

But look at those eyes....I mean come on, how gorgeous are they?

Went shooting

I must say everyone did really well!

Celebrated Ashley's birthday

(on her real birthday)

Ashley was moving all morning so she didn't want a picture...this is just a picture from my phone. Not the best but at least we have some documentation!

Played at the park

Spent quality time with my Dad.

Something I really miss!

Did sewing projects

Had our traditional Easter festivities with my Grandad

Or as Ezra would say, "Grandad the great."

We celebrated on Good Friday

I made the boys ties (with Ryan's help for the mathmatical part) and I repurposed Lucy's dress adding a sash and flower and made a matching headband.

I told you those uncles are fun!

Wanted the perfect famliy photo.....

but this works!

I made my skirt and flower as my sewing project with Bethany.

Ate chocolate....

This happened more than once:)

Hunted for eggs, pennies and....


Won CASH prizes!

I go to the wrong Easter parties!

Alan looking cool

We had a surprize 80th brithday party for my Grandad. He was surprized and loved it. A great time was had by all!

The cake

We used one of his old Marine pictures.

Taught Bethany to modal.....

and Ryan too.

Took a nice family picture....

and some that looked like this.

The kids really do love their Grandparents....

I promess:)

They just hate picture taking!

Ezra helping blow out the candles

We celabrated Alan and Andrew's 12th birthday


Spent time with friends....


and made some new friends.
This is Joe, Brennan's boyfriend

The Easter Bunny came to visit....

and so did these little guys.

Oh, and here are some more cute bunnies!

Bunny Macaroni!!!

The Easter bunny brought me bubbles and crayons to share with the kids

Sat tall

Got new toys

Looked for baskets....

and found baskets.

(Bething is wearing the skirt she made. She also made a cute flower for her hair and one for her skirt but she didn't have them on yet.)

Played with toy chicks......and broke them within fifteen minutes.

found more cute bunnies

Got some cute pictures of the kids

Got dressed up

Easter Sunday I sang in church

Gave love to Aunt Bethany... Uncle Andrew.... and Uncle Alan

Said Goodbye.....

and cried.