Saturday, March 19, 2011

She's back!!!

My mom is back in town! Thankfully I'm not such a invalid this time so hopefully she will get to have more fun:)

Below there are two pictures of my mom. These pictures were taken less than six months apart. Take a look.....She looks AMAZING!!!! Right?
She has been working really hard and I'm very proud of her accomplishments! GOOD JOB MOM!!!!
She turned 50 in November.....If this is what 50 looks like I'm in:)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kim's Shower

Who's Kim you ask..... She's my Aunt! Kim married my Uncle Damon (my Dad's younger brother) last year.

Aren't they cute?

I love this picture! Damon is a really fun guy and I think this picture captures a bit of his personality:) Damon is in many ways is more like a older brother than a uncle.....But a cool, nice older brother! First, he's not that much older than I am. Second, we've lived close to each other most of my life, so we've done a lot together. He has been a awesome uncle to all of his nieces and nephews! We all have fond memories of our "Dates". These dates were usually you, a sibling that was close in age and him doing some sort of fun activity. The first date was when he had just turned sixteen...He took all of the nieces and nephews to a drive-in movie (I believe we saw Aladdin). My parents went to help drive and supervise....Not because he wasn't responsible! He was only sixteen and there were at least six of us kids...that's A LOT for any sixteen year old to be in charge of! He did pay for all of us and had popcorn, candy and drinks for us:) How sweet is that? There have been many dates since...the boys have gone golfing, I think some laser tag and much more. The date I remember most was with my sisters Ashley and Brennan. Damon took us to Panda express for dinner and then we went to Circus Circus (a local amusement park). While we were at Circus Circus he won us girls cute stuffed flowers. I had my flower for many years. So, I think you get the idea...Super cool Uncle! Although I don't know Kim as well (she's still "new" in the family) I am enjoying getting to know her! I love what she's brings not only to my Uncle's life but to our whole family!!! She is a great addition to the Waldron gang! So speaking of addition this cute couple knew they wanted to add to their little family......

And so they are!
Their first baby is due any day!
I was able to host a little shower in honor of Kim and the newest addition to our family. Just a side note....I haven't gotten a new cousin in almost fourteen years. Well, I guess that's not totally true...I've had cousins get married and they have had kids, but I haven't had a new first cousin born in almost fourteen years, so excuse me if I'm a little over excited!

We had an Italian dinner, as that's what the mommy-to-be has been craving. Here are some pictures of the decorations.....

The candy bar
I hand painted the sign....I'm pretty happy with the results. Any excuse to make a craft right?
The guests made their own favor at the candy bar

The cake

This was my first ever vanilla cake from scratch. I LOVE baking but I don't get to do it very often.

So the baby's name is going to be Hailey Marie. I thought it would be cute to spell out her name with blocks. I started setting up things for the shower a couple days in advance (I've got to take time when and where I can!) So one thing I set up was the blocks. Well my mom got into town the day before the shower so I made her a welcome "sign" with some blocks. I had to go raid my Hailey sign to have all the letters. Later that night I took back the blocks to fix my Hailey but instead of saying Hailey it looked like this....

The sad thing is we didn't realize it was wrong....Not Ryan (who took the picture), Ashley, my mom or myself! It wasn't until midway through the shower that Kim said something. Brain dead! I guess it's just one of those things, when you know what something is supossed to say so that's what it looks like. Brain dead. Sorry girl! The good news is I don't think I will ever missspell the name again! Later that night I corrected the sign......

That's better!
The Grandma's
Rosemarie and Colleen
We were playing the game where you guess how big the mommy's belly is. Rosemarie, Kim's mom won.

Look at this cute decoration.....oh, wait that's Levi.....he is cute! Right before we took the picture he was laughing at his reflection in the dishwasher.

Kim did a great job of modeling Hailey's new clothes, especially the hat!

This is Miss Lucy patiently waiting for her new friend to be born. I think she and Hailey will be good friends!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Seven Months

My babies are SEVEN MOTHS OLD!?! How did this happen? Time has been flying by! I now can get three consecutive hours of sleep at a time!!!!(sometimes) This means we are no longer one big grumpy family!!!!(sometimes:) Yes my friends, we are moving towards becoming a happy family. Not only because of the sleep, it's also due to the stage of babyhood that we are in. Levi and Lucy are on the move! I now get little babies tugging at my pajama bottoms....let's be honest here, I rarely get dressed....I'm feeding kids ALL DAY LONG! I do fix my hair everyday now. Baby steps. But this post is not about me, it's about my little cuties.......

Levi- Has two adorable teeth. Much to our dismay his hair is growing more fuzz head:( it's all apart of growing up I guess. He is getting really, really close to crawling! Don't get me wrong the boy MOVES, all over the place,'s just not "crawling". He gets up on his hands and feet or slithers. He is now working on sitting up. He can pull himself up to kind of half sitting half laying position and he can get back to laying WITHOUT face planting! His laugh is awesome and so is his smile. Don't even get me started on his big blue eyes and gorgeous lashes!


(In the top left picture you can kind of see the funny face she's this Cabbage patch doll face. I haven't been able to get the face in all it's glory.......Lucy was not really in the mood to take pictures this day, but she looked too darn cute in her outfit.)

- Is such a girl! I don't know how else to put it....she is different from the boys....that's a good thing I guess:) She is getting herself around, but she would rather reach to you and have you pick her up and take her where she wants to go. I think she's going to be a really funny girl. She will do things and laugh, like she is trying to get you to laugh. Too cute! She has no teeth yet. Her hair is growing fast. She is just gorgeous!

Everyday these two sweethearts are becoming more and more fun! Ezra is Loving it!!! He loves to make the babies smile and laugh. I often hear during the day "Hi Lucy girl"......"My Levi boy" and many other cute things.

Am I making life sound easy? IT'S NOT!!! This three under three thing is still really hard! There are some days when I have ABSOLUTELY NO PATIENCE! Those days make me sad. There are some days when all three little ones are whining/ crying MOST of the day. It really wears on the nerves! There are other days, wonderful days where I'm a "good mom"...I'm patent and kind, ALL day. Those days are wonderful. Sometimes there are moments when I have all three of my babies laughing. Those moments that get me through the not so good days. Sometimes I wish I had a video camera constantly rolling to capture all the precious moments. Yesterday's moment, that I would replay over and over is.....all three of my babies on the trampoline giggling while I lightly bounced them.

Here's to more good days than bad!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


February 20, 2011

Not only did we look cute....(I also matched the kids...dorky I KNOW)....We also made it to church on time!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Today was Levi's first ride in a shopping cart..... He liked it!......

And so did Ezra:)

Our Little Houdini

There is nothing......this girl....