Tuesday, August 7, 2012

One man's trash is another man's treasure

July 13, 2012

My treasures!
The kids have just learned how to play hide and seek. What they haven't learned is giggling is a dead giveaway. So much fun!


July 9,2012
We were having the missionaries over for dinner and I decided to make homemade rolls for our pulled pork sandwiches. As the rolls were rising I was cleaning the house. I had five more minutes on the rolls and I was vacuuming when Lucy and Levi come around the corner with dough balls in there hands:(
They totally smashed a whole pan of rolls! BABIES!!!!!!!


July 8, 2012
I was talking to my dad saying that we needed to fix this hole in the wall that happened while moving some stuff around.
 Ezra overheard and decided to take care of the problem himself.
 He used my whole punch and some good old fashioned spit and started making the repair.

He did a really good job!
I was so proud of him! He saw a problem and fixed it. That is one of Ryan's great qualities (he can fix anything) and I hope Ezra is just like him!

4th of July

The Fourth of July has become one of my favorite holidays. It is no stress really at all and I get to have fun celebrating Karen's birthday! We spend the day with our friends swimming, eating, visiting fireworks and EATING! Love it!
Levi Loves watermelon.

I saw this cute little idea on pinterest where you use a star cookie cutter for you watermelon and some blueberries to make these fun festive wands. The kids had so much fun making then I think this is a new tradition for us!
Fun to eat too!
Cupcakes for the birthday girl. Chocolate of course!
Me and My girl
Red, white and blue
I know this picture looks a lot like the other picture but I really liked them both:)
Ezra's shorts and Ivy's dress are made out of the same material.
Lucy is a twin mom just like her mommy. It is very normal for Lucy to carry two dolls around the house. When her babies are stuck in her bed she will cry, "My babies, My babies." The chances of her having twins is high being a fraternal twin herself so I guess this is good practice!
Daddy and his babies
Lucy's first sparkler
Levi wanted nothing to do with them!
Ezra putting on a show

 Daddy puts on a good show too.

Too much fun for little Rylan (son of Ross and Jordana)
I am sad that I didn't get any pictures of Cora on her first 4th. I do have a sweet story though....

Karen was changing Cora's diaper and Cora was fussy. Ezra came up and said "I will hold her hand so she won't be sad....It's okay Cora." He loves her!!!!

The kids meet Cora

June 28, 2012
The kids were SO excited to meet their new "cousin" Cora!
 Ezra is so sweet with her!
 Poor Cora didn't know what was going on!!!
 They are in love with her...
and I am too!
Thank you David and Karen for letting the kids hold Cora.

3 little ducks went out to play...TAKE TWO...

June 27, 2012
So I wanted the perfect photos but my camera died last time so I decided to try again.....I know I am crazy! I still didn't get the "perfect" photo but that is okay:)

Levi is all boy, throwing rocks.
Lucy is not about to let the boys show her up!

I love pigtails!!!

Ducks in a row...

Yes, Ezra is touching the peacock!
Face off

Ezra loves "the babies"

Sometimes too much!

 I love Ezra's face!
 Happy boy

 Daddy is the best!