Friday, March 6, 2009

Our Merry little Christmas

December 25, 2008

12:01 am My water broke
10:?? am Started pushing
3:01 pm Ezra Joseph Petersen was born!
8lbs 6oz 21.5 inches long with the longest fingers and toes I have ever seen on a baby, he got those from Daddy. He also has lots of dark hair just like Mommy.

Just born

Daddy & Ezra

Ezra was born at home with the help of a midwife (Dixie). My sister Ashley was also there to take pictures after he was born. I never thought I would have my babies at home. I thought it was for crunchy granola weirdos! After much research and witnessing my niece Ivy's birth I knew this is the way I wanted to have my baby. I did not anticipate having such a difficult labor. My labor was very hard from the very beginning!!! I had TONS of back pain the whole 15 hours, not to mention the 5 hours of pushing! Although it was different then the experience I thought I would have, I wouldn't change it! It was the hardest and most spiritual experience of my life!!!

Dixie & Ezra

Later that night Ryan and I opened our stockings, it all seemed very surreal! I still feel like I "missed" Christmas, but at the same time I feel for once I truly felt the real meaning of Christmas. We also had Ivy come over and watched her open some of her presents. I was Ivy and Ezra's first Christmas, it's kind of funny. I feel bad that Ashley missed most of Ivy's first Christmas but I am glad she was there!

Grandpa Todd

Grandma Dorothy

Aunt Brennan, Grandma and Aunt Bethany

Uncle Aaron, Ivy and Grandpa

First diaper

That night when I was sleeping Ezra was mimicking Ryan by sticking out his tongue. He made lots of squeaking sounds. He also made a high pitched squeal we lovingly called his pterodactyl cry. He also started holding his head up that very first day. He is a very strong boy! We love him so much and can't imagine our lives without him!


Amy said...

That must have taken you hours to do all of those posts. Ezra is adorable! You look great :) It was fun to see some familiar faces from high school in some of your posts!

CJMsquared+3 said...

Wow... more power to ya. You are a lot stronger than I ever will be. Glad things turned out. He is a cutie, that's for sure!

tiffunny said...

After the stuff we had to deal with when our 2nd kid was born, I ReALLY wanted to have my 3rd kid at home. I looked into Dixie and other midwifes and everything. But then our insurance would have made us pay so much more cause they wouldn't cover the midwifes. I was disappointed, but maybe it was a good thing since we ended up moving right before he was born & lived in a small apartment for a couple of months. But I still always wish i could have experienced that. I think it would be so awesome. Was Ezra turned face up when he was trying to come out? Is that why you had such bad back labor pain? 3 out of my 4 kids were turned that way and it really makes labor a lot more painful & long!!