Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I like to move it move it/ HEY don't leave me!!!!

Ezra is EVERYWHERE.....Crawling or walking (while holding on to anything or anyone) whatever gets him where he wants to go......bathroom, toilet (lid must stay down unless in use!), stands at tub (falls hits his head on tub, floor and wall), Bedroom, to the other bathroom to Daddy's razor (door no longer safe to leave open...mental note), closet to the shoes, out of the closet to the bed stand up using the bed get stuck...CRY, Kitchen, cabinets (must buy child locks....mental note #2), to the couch standing, walking, falling on his head....crying AGAIN! One hour down. WHAT next?
Ezra's new fear is being left alone. Let me define alone.....ALONE: walking away from even if only two feet away. Also alone even if one parent walks away leaving the other still in the room. If both parents are in the room both parents MUST say to avoid crying. As you can tell these last couple of weeks have been VERY changing! Ryan actually hopped over the bed one day so Ezra wouldn't see him leave the room.....to avoid said crying. I know this is JUST a phase.....This too shall pass (as my grandma Dorothy used to say). We try to tell him it's ok we're coming back but nothing has worked so far. I feel so bad for him because he gets so worried but at the same time it gets really annoying. I try to tell myself to enjoy this time that he wants hang out with me. Knowing someday he won't want to hang out all day with Mommy and Daddy.
COMING SOON........ Yummy recipes! Get Yours together to share!


The Fleming Family said...

I am sure you do play peek-a-boo, but I have heard that if you do this more often that really helps. I guess it teaches that even though you don't see something/someone for just a second, that they are still there and are going to come back. (Maybe Ryan could peek around the wall or something.) If it doesn't work it was still fun to play anyway. Good luck! (I know that can be super stressful.)

Stacie said...

Good luck with the alone thing! First babies are always so much harder than others because they're alone!

He's such a cutie!

Brady Fam said...

Isn't it fun, not knowing what the days hold. What will the next phase be?! Who knows...