Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

I LOVE pumpkins!!!!!
I don't know what is is about them, they just make me happy. Whenever I see my first sighting of them at the store it brings me so much joy! I really wanted to get some family pictures done at a pumpkin patch, but it was really windy and cold on Ryan's days off so we couldn't. Yesterday was still a little chilly but there was no wind. So my sister Ashely and I packed up the kids and headed to a pumpkin patch. Here are a "few" pictures from the day.
I always take tons!!!

Happy Boy

I love his face!

Ezra likes pumpkins too!

Hey.....that's my pumpkin!!!

Are we done yet?

Ivy started pushing Ezra on her own. Too cute!

Ezra liked to drum on the pumpkins


Ivy & Ashley

Ezra & Mommy


Aaron and Chels Allred said...

that last picture is seriously priceless! great photo!

Amy said...

Totally fun that Ezra and Ivy can play together! Cute pictures :)

CJMsquared+3 said...

Super Cute!! We missed going to the pumpkin patch this year... the weather was super crummy!! Such an adorable boy that Ezra is!!

Ashley said...

the sun was burning my eye balls! we did get some non-tortilla photos yay!!! CUTE!!!

Justin said...

you guys are great photographers! it must be easy when you have two cute little kiddles!! ezra's shirt is adorable.- jeriann