Monday, October 18, 2010

The Love Munchkins' 4 week old photo shoot

Yes, I know that the babies are over 10 weeks old now and I'm just getting these pictures posted. I'm kind of busy ;) The photos aren't completely edited the way I wanted but that might not happen until they are like......four, so I decided to post them now. By the way my Aunt Kim nicknamed Levi and Lucy The Love Munchkins after seeing their pictures on facebook because they are always cuddling. I think it's cute!

The top picture is titled
"I'll take care of you"
All three pictures make my heart melt!

Sweet Angel Babies
The blankets were made by their Grandma Diana. Aren't they beautiful?!?

We LOVE Disneyland! We were going to go for Christmas this year like we did last year but going with four month old twins and a almost two year old didn't sound like fun. We even have a room reserved.....I still need to cancel that :( The Mickey ears are from my niece Ivy's Build a Bear.

We love to shoot for a minute straight and see all the faces babies make.

Lucy & Daddy
Something you need to know is Lucy started working on Daddy at a VERY young age.....She will look right into his eyes, stick out her bottom lip and cry with real tears. This started at about two and half weeks old, No joke!
He says "Lucy you better stop that or I'll give you a spanking." He is joking of course.
Lets see how that works when she is sixteen and says "Daddy I want a car."
We have more pictures of Lucy for a couple different reasons. First, She was awake during most of our shoot (and being so adorable) and second she has all those fun accessories that Levi doesn't. Sorry Levi! Mommy and Daddy love you too!!! Poor guy was born and seven minutes later became the middle child.

In the tree top

Hey don't forget about me!
Our first love munchkin
While my mom was here she taught Ezra how to play with play dough. He loves it!
Ezra helping the babies be happy during the shoot.
These photos were taken by Mommy and Daddy. We love all of our Love Munchkins!!!


David and Melissa Gardner said...

I love how in the first picture, their heads and arms make a little heart! they are so beautiful and I hope they are doing better.

Aric, Janille and Ryder said...

Ryder had thrush too. But i had to ask for a stronger medication. And seriously it worked in one day. It was worth it cause you could that it was painful. It was also painful for me too!!!!

Kacey Nielsen said...

Yay! you got a branch hanging picture! So precious. I just really kind of love them. They just look so happy with each other.

Stacie said...

Those are such precious babies!!

Emily said...

these are so beautiful and precious! what a treasure!