Monday, December 12, 2011

A Very Harry Birthday

November 19, 2011

We had a awesome Harry Potter party for Bethany' sweet sixteen!
Check out the awesomeness.....

Letters to Harry
This was a three sided movie theater sign. You can't tell in the picture but this thing is huge!!! Something cool was the date on the sign 11/19...the movie came out exactly one year before the party, cool coincidence!
A golden snitch

Licorice wands
Bertie Bott's every flavored beans
Chocolate frogs
My mom called a specialty shop in town to see if they had a chocolate frog mold to look like the frogs from Harry Potter and they said "Yes". My grandfather picked it up and didn't know that it was not quite what we were looking for. They do look very happy:)
Acid pops
Treacle tarts
Pumpkin pasties
Party favors
a mini calderon with every flavor beans and a golden snitch

The decorations turned out awesome!
Welcome to the great hall....
The feast

The goblet of fire
Yes, it had a blue flame!
Floating candles
We also had many guests.....
Doby (a free Elf) and Winky
Hermione Granger supporting the cause S.P.E.W.

Professor Trelawney
Professor Umbridge
Draco Malfoy
Professor Mcgonagall
Bellatrix Lestrange
Tonks, Hermione and Ginny
A floating snitch
Where's Winky?
Gryffindor common room

Notice wall

Neville and Malfoy fighting to get the snitch

A fun game Bethany made, it's like pin the tail on the donkey but you are putting a sock in a book to free Dobby.

Moaning Myrtle hanging out in a S-bend

The castle cake, with a lake and everything! Bethany is so very creative!!!!
Happy sweet 16!!!!