Monday, July 28, 2008

The Fourth of July

The fourth was so much fun! Well at least it was for me. Ryan had to work. My parents stayed at their time share here in town. I spent the day with my family at the resort enjoying the festivities, Food, Fun and Games!

Face painting.... well Ivy had shoulder painting done. She did not like to have her face touched

Don't worry Alan is ok just a really cool looking "scar" 
Alan and Andrew in line for the cannonball contest
Bethany after her cannonball
I won the adult women's cannonball contest. Here is a pic of me and my prize..... No not that guy, the shirt and bag
Here is a pic of Karen and the chocolate cheese cake I made for her birthday.
That night I ate dinner with David and Karen, we went to my cousins and did fireworks, then back to David and Karen's to eat cake. It was a great day.
 Happy Birthday Karen! Thank you for being a wonderful friend!!!
Happy Birthday America...... Happy Birthday Karen!
P.S. Karen is already planning my baby shower. It will be held on November 15th. I need addresses for invitations. I know it is still a few months away but if Karen can be so ahead of the game so can I.... or I will try.


CJMsquared+2 said...

Sounds like you guys are having fun... I am glad that everything is going well with your pregnancy... I guess I wasn't expecting to see much of a belly in your belly shot but there's no where to go but out!

Brittany & Ryan Petersen said...

Out is all I've got! I have a very short torso and a twisty back.

Marilene said...

sounds like you guys had fun on the fourth! I really thought that was a scar! It looks really convincing!

Melissa said...

Our address is
11000 S Eastern Ave Apt 2112
Henderson, NV 89052

but, if we buy a house, that may change.


Brady Fam said...

Hey, Alan looks just like me!! (the scar) haha