Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Our New Babies!

Well after a very difficult and long labor Ryan and I are now proud parents of the new iphone 3G.  Ryan has been wanting the iphone ever since the first one came out. We had contracts with

T-mobile and we didn't want to pay the $400.00 it would take to brake our contract so he has been waiting a very long time. It worked out well because the new iphone is better and cheeper (which makes it better to me, I don't know much about all the fancy stuff). Our contract ended on the 10th of July and the new iphone came out on the 11th. Well it has been crazy to try and get these things! They are sold out at every AT&T store in Las Vegas. Trust me I've been there or called them multiple times. Each morning at 9:00 am I would call to see if they had a new shipment. I tried to be extra polite because I figure they are getting lots of grumpy calls from others wanting the phone. The other place I would look each night was online on the Apple website. Each night at 9:00 pm they would post if there would be any available to purchase the next day at the Mac stores. One day I saw that there would be some available so I made the trip to the Fashion Show Mall. When I got there they didn't have any. Yesterday I did my calling rounds as usual, still sold out. I decided to call the Mall even though on the website they said there were none available. Me " Hi I was calling to see if you had any of the new iphones in stock?" Mac Worker " NO." Me "OK thank..." Mac Worker " What ( he was talking to someone else) "oh, we do have some. We have the black 8g and the black 16g, no white." After thanking him and hanging up the phone. I ran (really I did) into the bedroom where Ryan was sleeping woke him up (my hast made him believe someone had died). We got to the store as fast as we could. By the time we got there the line was already formed. We got there at about 10:30 and were done at about 12:20. It took a while but we did it! So now we talk free to anyone who has AT&T. This is good because the people I used the most minutes talking to are AT&T customers (My Family & Karen). We love are new phones!

We also had something else cool happen yesterday. After we took Ryan clothes to the cleaners I wanted to stop by the JC Penny to do some window shopping. There wasn't much exciting so I was walking through the store pretty fast (to Ryan's dismay! He was playing with his new phone. The one time he was ok with me taking my sweet time.) We went to the baby section to look around. This was a favorite activity of mine even before we were expecting. Everything is cute when its small! Ryan noticed a sales rack everything was $1.97. Well it turned out there were about ten racks where everything was $ 1.97. We bought LOTS of stuff! We don't know what we are having yet so we bought girl and boy stuff. We will have both someday and if not we can give it away. We feel so blessed to find such a good deal!


The Fleming Family said...

Scottsdale is about 5 hours from here. It seems to be a really nice area! It is about 45 min from Chelsea. It will be nice to go to a new place but still have family close! You guys should come visit sometime. :-) And I might be emailing you any questions we have since you do know how it is. Thanks!

codyandkristiboretsky said...

Hello! This is Kristi, Carrie's cousin from AZ. You know the one you see only at Warren receptions! Anyways, I noticed your very happy baby news and wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS! How have you been feeling? Well- take care!