Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Will WALK for food!

Ezra does not have a highchair. So when we feed him we just sit on the floor. Ezra used to sit down and eat but lately all he wants to do is stand. So Ezra will stand for a few bites then sit and give his legs a break, then stand again for a few more bites. This has been going on for quite some time, so Ryan and I are use used to it. Monday night (11/30/09) Ryan and I were both sitting down feeding Ezra when it happened........HE TOOK HIS FIRST INDEPENDENT STEP! Ryan and I were shocked! We sat there clapping our hands saying "YAY Ezra!!!!" Then we started making the boy sing for his supper, or should I say walk for his supper. Ezra would stand and Ryan would get a bite of food ready and then move just a little bit out of reach, so he would have to make a move. When we pulled out the video camera he stopped doing his trick (Ezra really likes electronics). Now when he is walking around he doesn't hold on, he just pushes off with one hand kind of like using a cane.


tiffunny said...

Wow! He's growing up way too fast & he's such a cutie.

Riddle Family said...

Yay Ezra! Get ready Brittany! The last time I met with friends for a "playdate" they all watched me chase my son around. Now we can all chase our sons together.

Stacie said...

Go, Ezra, GO!!!