Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Be Mine!

Here is how we celebrated Valentine's Day

I made heart shaped soft pretzels

Ezra was just being cute!

My sewing club had a party for the kids. They played outside, decorated bags and handed out valentines. Ivy and Ezra had so much fun!

Entered Trader Joe's coloring contest. My sister took the pictures in and they didn't tell her that our phone number needed to be on the back. When she went in the day after Valentine's day to see if the kids won they said they had already called the winners. They did give her some roses which was the prize for the winner. She shared them with me!
(The kids look a little crazy in these pictures because they just got up from nap time)

13 1/2 months
Ryan and I went on a group date with some our friends. Ryan was working so we missed the movie, but met up for dinner. We ate at Pei Wei.........YUM! I had never been there before. If you go I recommend the lettuce wraps with a side of white rice. Take the lettuce and first put on the rice, then the meat, then the sauce (this is how they served it at my cousins wedding). It makes it more filling when you add the rice. It was fun chatting and hanging out without the kids. Something we haven't done since the babies were born! I have to give love to Melissa for putting the date together and also to Jordana for the cute/yummy Valentines she made us.
Thank You!
On Valentine's Day Ryan worked. Ryan and I only had one hour together the whole day! I'm glad we celebrate (most) everyday together like it's Valentines day. We don't need a special day to share our LOVE!!!
I Love You Ryan!!!!!!
Don't knock the cheesiness........this is a Valentines post!


Chels Allred said...

CUTE pictures! and those soft pretzels look awesome.

Jennelle said...

Yum! Would love that recipe. Looks like a fun V-day. I can't believe what a big boy Ezra is! He just keeps getting cuter and cuter. Miss you guys!

Stacie said...

Ooh, those pretzels looks YUMMY! You really took some great photos, girl!