Sunday, August 29, 2010

Week one

Things have been so crazy that life is just a blur right now!

Who was feed last, how long did they eat, what kind of diaper did they have, has Ezra eaten yet, wait....when was the last time I ate, WHAT DAY IS IT ANYWAYS? You might think this is a funny exaggeration, but it's not. It's our life right now.

When Ezra was born Ryan had six weeks off. It was just the three of us hanging out in our underwear/diaper all day. Ryan and I took THOUSANDS of pictures, really we did and we would take naps when he napped. What a life! This time around things are VERY different. Not bad, just different. Someday when Levi and Lucy ask me what they were like when they were babies I want to be able to tell them. Honestly, someday I want to know what was going on during this time too. I am trying to take pictures. It helps me remember what is going on.

So here are the pictures of week one and a little bit of what I remember.

August 6, 2010
Taking a nap with Daddy just a few hours after birth.

Great-Grandad Lesnick
He brought Mommy, Grandma, Levi and Lucy each a dozen roses, our favorite pizza (Verazanos), and a bunch of fruit.

My Mom teaches in her child birth classes that when you have a new baby get the older siblings a gift from the baby to help with jealousy issues. Good idea, right? I mean how do you not like someone who gives you a present? Levi & Lucy got Ezra dinosaurs and sunglasses.

Meeting Aunt Ashley & Aunt Brennan

Ivy Loves her new cousins! She is doing a good job at not touching them until they get bigger. She can say Lucy but has a hard time with Levi. It sounds like leva.

August 7, 2010

Ezra loves to help with the babies!
Ezra calls Lucy, Sushi and Levi, Beby. He is so sweet with them!

Meeting Grandma Diana & Grandpa Dennis
They got Levi & Lucy really soft blankets and they gave Ezra some cars.

Me and my babies

August 9, 2010
We went to the lactation consultant.

10, 2010
A/C went out!!!!
I thought that I was just warm but I went to pick up Lucy and she was burning up. I thought maybe she was ill. I looked at the thermostat and the needle (yes needle, it's old) was past 80 as far as it could go. So we packed up and went to My friend Kacey's house to get out of the heat. Thank you Kacey!
Ryan was able to get the A/C repaired with the help of his Uncle Matt. It's frustration throwing money away on an A/C unit that's half dead anyway!
August 11, 2010
Went to the lactation consultant again.
Meeting Grandma Gail

She brought Ezra a book and some trucks.

August 12, 2010

"39 Weeks"
We went to the Chiropractor. Levi & Lucy got their first adjustments.

So no one tells you that after you have a baby you still look like you are pregnant for awhile. Mine might last a little longer/forever (not forever......positive affirmations. I WILL GET RID OF THIS BELLY!!!) because I had twins. It is getting smaller everyday:)
Well this isn't glamorous, this real life. What Hollywood tries to hide. Yes...this is me at
"39 weeks" Six days after I gave birth.

I hope this picture can help someone......

Dear Someone,

No you are not the only one who still looks like they are pregnant after having a baby!



You are BEAUTIFUL!!!


Big Brother loves to push the babies in their swing.

Lucy & Levi

August 13, 2010

Levi & Lucy had their PKU tests done.
Levi's weight 5 lbs 10 oz Lucy's weight 5 lbs 9 oz
Band aid buddies

Well that's a bit of what happened in week one. There were other visitors, lots of feedings lots of diapers and LOTS of crying.....not just from Levi and Lucy. Oh, and there was NO sleep!

Stay tuned for more adventures of newborn twins.


SassyMama said...

They are beautiful!
And yes it is crazy, so good for you for taking all these pictures!

Amy said...

I remember when Leslie had her twins, she sounded an awful like you sound right now. She made it through though, so there is hope :)

I LOVE the picture of your belly now. I do think that women think it is just them and that everyone else looks amazing afterwards. Hopefully your letter will help someone!!

Kacey Nielsen said...

Here's for hoping time starts flying! They are just so precious and you are doing a fantastic job!

BTW - I am sooooo sorry about not showing up yesterday. I realized about an hour ago that yesterday was Saturday. I don't even have twin babies or a lack of sleep as an excuse! I'm just plain ridiculous. Sorry again, and expect a fantastic meal next week. Oh yeah, it's gonna be good!

PookaB said...

I love the pic of you and your littles cuddling in bed. So precious.

Alli Waldron said...

I love that you are being real and not painting it a beautiful, unrealistic picture. You're hunmen so you'll have good days and bad. The good news is I think you're a rockstar and you can definitely handle this!

Chels Allred said...

i love those babies. it took all my power today not to touch those cute babies. ;) glad i got to see them though! they are beautiful like their mama!

hsw said...

Congrats on your lovely little ones!

stout family said...

you ROCK! way to take care of business, mama! LOVE the honesty! you are doing great...keep it up!

The Campo's said...

I love how you are completely honest about really are SuperMom/Superwoman! Sounds like things have been hectic, but you are handling them pretty be honest with you, you are very strong because I don't think I could do what you are doing! Congrats and keep it have a beautiful family!