Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Sunday before Christmas

Twas the Sunday before Christmas in the Petersen home,
All the kids had gone CRAZY and mom was alone.
Levi was screaming and Lucy was too,
Ezra bathed in the tub where he decided to (ahem) poo.
As Mother was working to clean up the mess,
Lucy proceeded to spit up all over her dress.
Finally, the family was ready...well maybe not quite,
When Levi decided it was time for night, night.
So Lucy was eating and Levi was down,
and mother threw Ezra another roll to the ground.
Mother was frazzled so Father she called,
Now thanks to him her problem was solved......
And I heard through the screaming of one little dear,
Merry Christmas to all! Maybe I'll see you next year.

So how was your Sunday?

At least I got some cute pictures of the kids.....Maybe next time I dress them up cute we will actually get to leave the house:)


stout family said...

at least you got some good pictures!!!

Chelsea said...

I got a great laugh out of that one!

Stacie said...

YES! Best poem ever!!!

My favorite part? It's a toss up between poo in the tub (always a thrill) and the roll tossed to Ezra.

Yeah, my Sunday wasn't nearly as exciting.

Kacey Nielsen said...

So funny... mostly because it wasn't me! Thank you for making all the rest of our lives seem so much calmer and quieter :)

tiffunny said...

So clever! And the kids look adorable.

Kelly said...

I am SO glad you commented on my blog. I LOVED coming over and seeing your beautiful family! How are you surviving? I remember the days with 3 under 3. You are the skinny minny, I still have baby weight to loose! It seems like you are happy and well and I LOVED your poem. It does get easier with twins, much easier! :)