Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas pjs

I know most people open thier Christmas pjs on Christmas eve but I've thought of a new tradition that we will do in our family.... We will open our Christmas pjs on the day after Thanksgiving. This way we can enjoy them for the whole season.
The kids had several sets of pjs...some were items I bought but most were given to us.
*Funny story.....
So Last year after Christmas they had little baby pjs on sale. I knew I was expecting so I wanted to get some for our new baby. But what should I buy...boy or girl..what would we have? I had a feeling it could be twins and I've always wanted girl/boy twins so I bought pjs for a boy and pjs for a girl:)* The pjs I got for Levi were seen in the Santa run photos. Lucy's are seen below....Babydoll Their pjs say Baby's first Christmas
This is what our almost two year old looks like much of the time!



tiffunny said...

Seriously. Your babies are so cute. You guys are amazing (and brave) to bike them around too! Love their costumes as well. They are always dressed so cutely.