Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mother's Day

May 8, 2011
(My new favorite holiday)

I had the most wonderful Mother's Day thanks to my amazing husband! I started off my morning with breakfast in bed.....

This waffle was made from scratch!

Beautiful flowers, cards and chocolates from all my loves.

Erza loves Mother's Day too......

He came and ate most of my bacon;) After breakfast I took a little nap, this is very rare!

Ryan and I spoke in church....why they asked me? Who knows!

Ryan also got me a gift card to get pedicures. Before my mom left we went together and had our toes done. Here is something CRAZY....My mom did NOT have a Mother's Day! How? Well she left here the day before Mother's Day and with all the travel time and time changes, she got to Australia the day after Mother's Day. CRAZY...Right?

I LOVE being a mom but most importantly I LOVE those who make me a mom!