Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ten months old

June 6, 2011

Two minutes in photo............three kids in one room.........

Lucy just outside her room

"Take a picture of ME Mommy!"

What a big boy!

And while a snapped a few pictures of the boys look what Lucy was doing........


Why do they all go for the wipes?

Then Levi got the ear drops

But he looks so innocent here!

Ezra reads to Lucy

She was done and he was not happy about it!

Levi gets stuck under the dresser

He got himself out and got what he wanted.

This was two minutes in a very small space, most of the time they are Everywhere getting into Everything! Yes, this was two minutes....can you see why I'm tired?

Levi- This is a skinny little guy for someone who is always eating! Seriously he always wants food and just to be with Mommy. He crawls everywhere, the only time he sits still is to eat. He has four teeth on the top and three on the bottom, which he uses to bite Mommy...not cool! He bites while he is nursing and when it's not his turn to eat he bites my knees.

Lucy- STANDING ON HER OWN......and STEPPING!!!! That is Lucy's BIG news for the month. She had been standing for a while and we were just waiting for those first little steps.....I told her one day "Just wait until Mommy and Daddy are both there to watch you take your first steps." And she did! I was standing in the kitchen and Ryan was sitting at the table, as we watched her take her first three little wabbly steps. She is also clapping. SO cute!

Ezra- This boy is cracking me up! Just tonight we had this conversation....

Me: Ezra, please eat your dinner.

Ezra: Just two seconds (I guess he hears that a little too often)
a little bit later
M: Ezra please eat your dinner

E: Two seconds
What have I taught my Child???

As he was coloring he told me he was coloring with Brennan (my sister, who was not at my house). A little while later my phone rang and he said, "Brennan!", It was not her. I asked him if he'd like to call Brennan and he said yes, then proceeded to yell..."Brennan, Brrreeennaaan."

Unfortunately, we've been teething lately and been sick (whole family). We got a nasty cold...the allergies haven't helped either. We were doing a lot better but the disease has decided it wasn't done with us:( There has been lots of WHINGING at my house. Here's hoping we are all healthy and happy soon!


Chelsea said...

That red onesie is so sweet!
Yeah - seriously - why must they throw wipes everywhere?!?