Tuesday, August 7, 2012


April 7, 2012

Aaron dying eggs and making sure a "BEAUTIFUL" face while doing so.

Grandad Great and L&L getting ready to hunt for eggs. They had there own special non candy hunt.

That is some egg hunting skills!

Brennan with her treats

Granddad, Aaron, Ashley & Freida

April 8th

Bunny crackers!

So happy with her raisins
Ezra asked the Easter Bunny (what is he Santa now?) for these suckers. Look at those crazy eyes!
Levi very sad about this....
He wanted his brother's candy.
I made empty tomb rolls for my Sunday school class. You wrap the dough around a marshmallow, the marshmallow melts while cooking and leave a whole in the roll.
I did a orange glaze on top. BIG hit!

My cute babies


Trying to get a picture of me and the kids did not work out so great.