Monday, April 12, 2010

We're having a.......



and a.....


That's right....


So here they are......

During the ultrasound I kept saying over and over "She looks like Brennan!" What do you think Grandma? My sister is totally beautiful so it's fine with me!

This is our little girl crossing her ankles.
The funny thing is I was doing this same thing right before we started the ultrasound and the lady had to tell me to stop. During the whole thing I kept having to uncross my ankles as I kept crossing them.

It was amazing to watch them interact with each other!
The ultrasound tech said she had never seen twins put their feet together like this. She was in just as much awe as we were.

That is baby Boy being SAT on by his Sister!
Poor guy!!!
In the bottom left picture you can see his arm bent back.
So how do we feel about this?
We couldn't be more happy!
We have had lots of questions......
"Are you shocked?"
"Did you think at all that is might be twins?"
"Are you so freaked out?"
"I thought twins skipped a generation!"
(They say this because my Mom had twins)
The truth is Ryan and I both thought we were having twins. I had the feeling quite early. Whenever I would think about the "baby" or pray for the health of the "baby" in my head I ALWAYS said babies. In fact I finally started praying for my babies. I figured it could count for Ezra and any future children just in case I was only carrying one. When we had the ultrasound we finally had proof for the rest of the world. In fact I would have been in shock if they said it was only one. I think I would have said "Can you please find my other child!" I/we are not freaked out at all! We are SO excited!!!! Triplets would be freaky...twins are not! Yes, of course it will be a lot of work. I KNOW.....I was 14 1/2 when my Mom had my brothers so I remember what it was like! The only thing we are "worried" about is getting all the stuff we need......Our car will NOT fit three car seats so we need a new car. Can you put that on a gift registry? LOL!!! Of coarse we will need other things but that will be the BIG ticket item.
Twins skipping generations is a Old wives tale. Fraternal twins (which is what are twins are) come from two different eggs. So any women with the gene to release two eggs can have twins. If it's in the family, it's in the your chance of getting that gene is like the chance of having blue eyes. Our daughter had a VERY high chance of having twins being a twin herself! We are so happy to have our little family of three become a family of five!
Dear Sweet Babies,
You are spacial. You are wanted. You are loved. We are looking forward to meeting you this August!
We LOVE you!
Mommy, Daddy & Ezra
* We had the Ultrasound Friday April 9th 2010.
Eleven years ago this day is when my Mom had her Ultrasound and found out she was having twins!!!!


SassyMama said...


tiffunny said...

Congrats Brittney! I am so excited for you guys. 2 more cute babies joining the world - and how lucky are they to get to come to your family? And for the record - i can't believe 2 babies are inside of you - you have a tiny bump that probably only sticks out at all because you're tiny - so it's incredible as I look at your fair pictures to think - there are 2 babies in there! So i think you look great! Love all the cute pics of the 2 of them!

Emily said...

such EXCITING news!! I, personally would be way nervous and anxious, so good for you for being so calm about it!! If anyone could handle it, you can!! You're amazing! Good luck the rest of the pregnancy!

Chels Allred said...

oh man! twins is my life long dream! i couldnt be happier for ya! how exciting!

Jennelle said...

cute cute...I love the pic of baby girl sitting on baby boy...signs of their future relationship once they arrive?

Amy said...

You got some amazing ultrasound pictures!!! Congratulations - you will be wonderful with twins. :)

Stacie said...

I'm so excited!!

jacksonfamiliatwins said...

So happy for you guys! We need to get together and talk TWINS!:) Congratulations!!

PookaB said...

I'm so happy for you guys! Such fun!!!

CJMsquared+3 said...

Wow!!! See what happens when I don't check blogs for a couple of weeks!! How exciting! I am so happy for you... Congrats!! How crazy about you and your mom finding out on the same day... I love it!

annieandjustin said...

that is so so cool! if anyone can handle twin babies and a toddle it is you. i love the pictures from the ultrasound. so fun especially how the little girl is sitting on her brother. they already have cute little personalities!

Minna and Matt Pedersen said...

I am super excited for you!! Twins are the best thing in the world!!! Congrats!! Congrats!! Congrats!!

SubieChickSarah said...

Congrats! I still remember how shocked I was when I saw the stroller on facebook. I called Mike and said PETERSON IS HAVING TWINS! He said, "I know, oh I guess I didn't tell you" I keep thinking about you all the time so I finally made it to your blog. I have to tell you this entry made me tear up. The twins are so precious together and when I read about how you just knew it made me smile, but when I read that your mom's ultrasound with twins was the same day I started to tear up. That is truly a miracle and a gift from God. You all are so blessed. Again, congratulations. Do not hesitate to let us know if you need anything, including and extra set of hands when the babies arrive. -Sarah Marie Dickmeyer