Thursday, September 30, 2010


Levi and Lucy were doing pretty well with their sleeping. Once and a while one of them would do a seven hour stretch (this sounds really awesome but usually I was still up with the other one at least, one baby sounds really easy right now!). I was feeling good. We were on the right path. And then it happened...... My mom left (I have a whole post I want to do about her, but I've spent a week on it and only have a few lines....NO TIME) Since my mom left the babies have gone into sleep protest, they won't sleep 'till she comes back!.....No joke, that's what their picketing signs say ;)
Alright enough with this cute stuff!
Here are the facts....
The babies were doing pretty good with sleeping, now they are not!
I am tired,
Daddy is tired,
We are not having fun!
This will pass....
But today we are tired!
On a happy note
Today is my Father-in-law's birthday. Happy Birthday Dennis!!! Thank you for all the sleepless nights you spent with Ryan!


stout family said...

I am so sorry! I hate not getting enough sleep, so i can ONLY imagine the exhaustion you must have! and to get a tastefor sleeping again only as a teaser...sucky! We are here for you! We WANT to help! I don't think you guys are asking enough! You are in our prayers. It will get least keep telling yourself that!!! love ya!

Chelsea M said...

I SO know whatcha mean about one baby sounding EASY!! Hope it's getting better. I've stopped praying for more sleep, and instead I just pray for the ability to function well with whatever I get :)