Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Gift-It-Forward Birthday Present

First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! Her birthday is really tomorrow (November 8th) but it is already the 8th in Australia where they live.
I have found a new website that I like It is full of stories of small and large acts of kindness. I've read these stories while up at night feeding babies. It has helped me when I am tired and grumpy to read them and think of others instead of myself.
I got this Gift-It-Forward idea from one of the stories I read. So here is the idea......Next Sunday (November 14th) is my birthday. I am asking you all for a present. The present I'm asking for is a act of kindness, not for me but for someone else. You can do something big or small ,the idea is just to make someone smile. They will smile and you too will smile. I am also going to be doing something for someone else too. It feels good to do things for others. It makes me happy. Knowing that you all will be doing things for others on my birthday will be awesome. We can make it a happy day for many, not just the birthday girl.
Alright you have one week to think of what you would like to "give me" I'm excited! Are you? Feel free to leave a comment on this post if you have any kind act ideas, leave a note so others can get ideas. You can leave a comment saying what you are giving if you would like.....but don't feel like you have to:) I will not be reading any of the comments on this post until next Sunday. It will be like opening a present.
Ok, now I've got to figure out what I'm "getting" myself.........Happy "shopping" everyone!


Chelsea said...

very sweet idea :)
How about I give my kids another day alive...
Just kidding. I'll think of something.