Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to......

I had a wonderful birthday! We started celebrating the night before. Ryan's parents made us dinner, STAKE, my favorite. Ryan's Dad makes the best stake. I can't order stake at restaurants anymore without being disappointed because it's not as good as Dennis makes it.

Ryan took the day off for my birthday so he could spoil me:) I was served breakfast in bed, Ego waffles and bacon. Ezra carried in a present for me to open, the third season of the Gilmore Girls. After I opened my present Ryan said I should head to the kitchen where I found this.....
Flowers (three different kinds to represent our three children), Sees chocolates (hand picked by Ryan so I could have all my favorites), and two more presents. The first present a shirt that I saw in the store, I told Ryan I liked it. Ryan went back to the store and got it for me ( I'm wearing the shirt in all the photos). The last present is something I've wanted ever since I first heard of them.....TOMS
Have you heard of them? Well the cool thing about TOMS is for every pair you buy a pair of shoes is given to a child in need "One For One". Learn more about the company at . I've been talking about TOMS so much that Ryan and my sisters decided to buy them for my birthday. My sisters called Ryan to tell him they bought TOMS in red so he wouldn't get them for me. Ryan called them back and told them he already bought them for me. My sisters "cursed" Ryan for being such a good husband and buying me the shoes. RYAN REALLY IS AWESOME!!! Still at the mall Ashley & Brennan decided to get another color. How sweet are my sisters and husband!?! I guess they love me :)
Myself, Ryan and the kids went to church as a family, what a treat! After church I was able to talk to The Aussies (my family). Later that evening we had dinner with our church friends, a thanksgiving potluck fest......great job everyone. My friends even made me a birthday cake, chocolate cherry with gnash on top, YUM!
After dinner we came home and my sisters gave me their gift (TOMS) and sang happy birthday to me with a candle on top of a poptart.
Ezra helping me with the candles

Thank you to EVERYONE who made my birthday wonderful! I had a great day!!!

By the way....I'm 26.


Ariane said...

I'm glad you had a great day. I've wanted TOMS for some time too. Apparently I didn't mention it loud enough for my wonderful husband to hear though. Maybe next year.

Stacie said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! You look FABULOUS!