Sunday, November 28, 2010


Fact: Thanksgiving is Ryan's favorite holiday.

What's not to eat yummy food relax and then eat some more.

This year we spent Thanksgiving with Ryan's family. We were able to have everyone there except for his brother Brandon and his family. It is very rare when we can all get together! The last time we were all together was when Ezra was two months old. It was most of the family's first time meeting the babies and it was our first time meeting our nephew Ashton. Everyone made tasty food. I made the rolls and a broccoli cheese dish that is one of my family traditions. I meant to take pictures.....but I didn't. I did bring my camera. I get points for that right?


  • Ryan: He is such a wonderful husband and father! He is a good person who wants to help others and does whenever he possibly can.

  • Ezra, Levi & Lucy: These three bring so much joy to my life! I am so blessed to be a mother.

  • Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ: EVERYTHING I have I owe to them!!!

  • A home

  • Cars. The night before Thanksgiving I was driving home and I saw a family bundled up and walking. I said a silent thank you as I sat in my warm car. What a blessing having a car or cars is!

  • Food

  • My church: I am a member of the church of Jesus Christ of later days saints.

  • Friends

  • Family

These are just a few things I am thankful for. I am truly SO very blessed!


Kacey Nielsen said...

I am thankful for your babies too as they bring even more adorableness in the world. And sometimes (especially after trips to walmart) the world just seems to be lacking enough adorableness!

I am glad you enjoyed my Shutterfly post. While writing it, I kept telling myself 'you can't mock shutterfly, channel your mocking energy into different outlets, you are asking them for free stuff!'