Tuesday, November 8, 2011

THE Party!

September 10, 2011
I waited to do the twins birthday party because I knew that we were going to be moving around their birthday and I didn't want any extra stress! It worked out that it was the first time for all most everyone to see the new house so that was fun too!
When I found out I was having twins I knew I wanted to do a Dr. Seuss/Cat in the hat party. Ezra enjoys the show on PBS and was Excited to be The Cat in the hat. He kept asking when the party was and would refer to Levi and Lucy as "Thing one and Thing two." Ezra practiced, but was too excited to say it at the party, "I'm The Cat in the hat, Welcome to the party! Levi and Lucy are Thing one and Thing two."I LOVE this sign!!! The fact that I got it for FREE was awesome too! In march I took the kids to target for a Dr. Seuss story time. I guess it's something they do annually to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday. When I was getting ready to leave I asked one of the workers where they got the sign and told them of my birthday party plan. They informed me that it was something just sent to the stores...... BUT if I waited around I could just have it! SWEET!!!
Mommy and The Cat

I made this and framed it as a decoration.
Green eggs and ham...aka ham and cheese sandwiches and deviled eggs the I colored with spinach and parsley.

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish....
During the fourth of July red and blue gold fish crackers are sold and I thought the were perfect for the party.

I made this wreath out of a book

The cupcakes were topped with blue cotton candy and a topper that said thing one on side and thing two on the other side.
I made the streamers by cutting small triangles and sewing them together.

Thing One
Love that face... hahaha

Thing Two making sure mommy got something to eat.
She was tired! See that brusie on her cheek!?!
Is that a book or a hat?
It's my party and I can sleep if I want to!!!

Ezra loves his cousin Hailey!

Thank you to Miss Stacie for reading stories!

Thank you Mom and Alan for making it! It's our traditional no sugar cake. It's sweetened with a

little bit of honey, pineapple and raisins. The frosting is cream cheese and honey.
It's safe to say they liked it!!!

Mr. Cat got the rare treat of having a sugary one.

The Cat also wanted to have some of Thing One and Thing Two's cake....have your cake and eat their's too I guess!


Preasent time!

The kids were watching the present opening from the landing.
Where's Lucy???
There she is!

Ivy and Hailey
Ivy is such a good babysitter!

Hailey and her FAVORITE cousin!!!
Grandpa and Lucy
Grandpa, Grandma-Great, Grandma and Lucy
Bethany and Lucy
Happy Birthday Babies!!!!


Amy said...

SUch an adorable birthday party! You didn't miss anything.

BTW - LOVE the Halloween party pictures.

Mindy said...

Such a great looking party. I'm sad I missed it. you did a great job.