Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"My Town!"

October 10-12, 2011
Ryan's grandparents live in a little town in Arizona called Joesph City. As we were driving I told Ezra we were going to his town because his middle name is Joesph. As we were driving he asked "Are we in my town?"
Ryan Joesph and Ezra Joesph in their town!
This was the first time Ryan's grandparents were able to meet the kids! It was fun living the slow, small town life, except when Lucy had a fever and there was nothing open at 8:00pm and it was a 15+ min drive to get to a store. Living in Vegas has spoiled me in that way.
The power plant
Many Petersens have worked there
Ezra LOVES trains but when you are so close and the horn is so loud it's a little scary!
I love this picture!

Lucy fell on her head and couldn't get up
In the back yard at G&G Petersen's there is a garden. Here are some butternut squash.
There was a cold spell so they covered the pumpkins with blankets to protect them
Ezra picked a green tomato and Levi started eating, grandpa said "That might not taste too good, why don't you get rid of that and we'll get some good food." Levi threw the tomato on the ground and ran to the kitchen. Grandpa got a real kick out of that!

Look at the hours on this pizza place

Playground at the school

Having fun!

We got to uncover the pumpkins because the weather was so nice. They were beautiful!!!
The back of the house
Fire wood
The kids had fun on the swings!

Who doesn't love a women who gives you bacon!?!
Grandma was always making something yummy!!!
The pumpkins

L&L had a great time playing with these pipe scraps

Great-Grandpa Loral, Ezra, Ryan, Levi, Great-Grandma Charolet and Lucy
Levi thought this cat pillow was awesome!
We had a great time!
Thank you G&G for having us!!!!!
On the way home Ezra got to pick his very first roadtrip treat. Ezra chose Strawberry gum, he loves gum!
He was so excited to have his own package of gum!
He did just fine until right before we got home.....
Yep, gum in the hair!

I wasn't too upset...he needed a hair cut anyways. Good new is we haven't had any other gum problems.....knock on wood!