Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why I HATE daylight savings....

November 8, 2011
I remember the days when I thought the "falling back" part of day light savings was SO awesome...That was before children!!! So my kids haven't been doing great with sleeping as it is and then this whole day light savings thing through another wrench into things! Lucy and Levi were both up before 4 A.M.!!! I was at my cousins birthday party the night before so I was even more tired than normal. I was already very anti day light savings and then this happened......
Lucy broke my clock! I took the clock off the wall to change the time (because of the DUMB day light savings) well I was late getting my siblings to school so I left the clock (out of child reach) til I could get back and hang it. While I was gone Lucy through the toy truck from the second floor braking the clock...REALLY? Let me just say NONE of this would have happened if there were no day light savings......I'm just sayin'!

Who Me?
Don't mind Lucy's just got up and ate oatmeal look.
Lucy knew I was mad so she tried to earn her keep by cleaning up after her brother....
Lucy, Thank you?