Monday, July 12, 2010


Two of my close friends have three year old children who have been learning all about Ezra's new brother and sister that are coming. They get the whole lady with big belly = baby in her belly but more then that's just CRAZY!!!!

Scarlet (Kacey's daughter) has been asking to see Ezra's TWO babies......Ezra is going to have TWO babies. Their family is now referring to the babies as "Babies Petersen" so Scarlet is now asking when she gets to go see babies Petersen. She's got the idea of two babies but just doesn't know why she can't see them yet.

Blaze (Ashley's son) mouth open STARING at me......

Me: Blaze is my belly big because there are babies inside?

Blaze: No answer still staring at me....well my belly.

Ashely: Blaze how many babies is Brittany going to have?

Blaze: Five.

Sorry Blaze....I'm only having two!

I use these cute little stories to introduce some of my friends......

Ryan and I moved into our ward in mid November of 2008. Between the me being pregnant and not always feeling great, the holidays and Ezra being born we really didn't get to meet many people at church let alone make friends. Well sometime in February or March (I think) Ashley and Kacey started to invite me/us to things.....Park, library, bbqs etc. Every time they invited us to something we couldn't go. I had doctors appointments, previous engagements and many family activities (at the time both mine and Ryan's families lived in town so there was always something going on). I felt bad that I always had to say no whenever they extended a invite. I didn't want them to think that I was just some snob that didn't want to be around them because I REALLY wanted to hang out with them! Thankfully they never gave up on me and we finally started doing stuff together. We see each other at church every Sunday, getting at least a wave in as we are taking miss behaving children out of the meeting, we have our sewing club every Thursday (something I have not been really able to be apart of right now as I'm in bed a lot) and we get together for some "friend family dinners" as well. Of course there are more friends in the group that I LOVE, I just had to tell you about Kacey and Ashley because they were the first friends I made and they were the persistent ones! Another good friend is Stacie. I met her when we started working together with the Young Women at church. So, why am I telling you about these friends? Because they L.O.V.E. me! They have been doing a lot for me as of late. They are constantly asking me how they can help. Before my Mom got here Ashely came over and cleaned my floors twice, Kacey made us dinner a few times and shopped Costco for me and they were still all asking what they could do to help. My answer was always I don't know. First of all I don't like to be a burden on people and second it is hard for me to think of what I could have someone do for me. I figured once my Mom got here they would let up on this helping me business. I was wrong!!! There they were/are asking "How can I help?" One day Stacie cornered me. Several times she asked me to let them bring in dinners, until I caved. I said, "Stacie, I'm to tired to say no so do whatever you want." "YAY" was Stacie's answer as she quickly grabbed a paper to make notes of food allergies/food dislikes. She then called Kacey and Ashley to set it up. They each bring us a dinner once a week. They know that we eat healthy and that I need a LOT of protein so the meals are made accordingly. I've got to say......It's been WONDERFUL!!!!! I have My mom is here and will make or do ANYTHING I ask! But the poor women is being run ragged!!! She takes care of me and Ezra ALL day, she watches my niece Ivy several days a week, teaches a childbirth classes (she has to teach a series of classes each year to keep up her accreditation) and she's been doing whatever she can for her father who recently had TWO surgeries, not to mention she has three other children in town and a husband and her three youngest children in Australia to think of and take care of as well. I guess you could say she's busy ha ha ha!!! Ryan works long hours and is totally and completely drained physically and mentally by the time he gets home. Not having to worry about those meals has been such a blessing!!! They just drop it off and go. PERFECT!!! Ryan's parents have also offered to bring in meals as well. We are truly blessed to have so many people who love us!
To my wonderful friends.....
Thank you for your friendship, thank you for the meals and most of all thank you for never giving up on me!!!!


Stacie said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE you, Brittany!!!

Kacey Nielsen said...

Yeah, we are pretty freakin fantastic. Excuse me, I have got to go pat myself on the back for the rest of the evening.

By the way, Scarlet is not the only one stoked about meeting babies Peterson. They are going to be AWESOME

Chelsea M said...

Please inform these fabulous friends of yours that there is another twin-pregnant mom in Cedar City willing to accept meals and help-offers as well :) j/k - you are so lucky! Sweet friends. And wow - your mom is busy! Mine is too, but is still planning to come for the birth - aren't moms just amazing?! I'm sure we'll have the chance to pass on the kindness someday to our own!
And I totally know whatcha mean about little kids being in awe at the idea of 2 babies in one woman's tummy. I get the weirdest looks from my friend's kids when they find out :)