Saturday, July 31, 2010

Last Hurrah

First let's start with a 37 week update.......

Ryan and I went to In-N-Out on Thursday. ALL eyes where on me.......REALLY! Ryan went to go fill up drinks and a man stopped him and said "I couldn't help but noticed that your wife is great with child....or should I say children?" Ryan said "Yes, we are expecting twins in three weeks." "Oh, that's wonderful! Congratulations!!!" was the man's reply. This is the first time anyone has ever asked if there was more then one baby.

I HATE this picture of me!!!!!!
My face looks super fat at this angle. I promise I really don't look this bad in real life!

We are all healthy!
Estimated wights are 5lbs for our little boy and 5.8lbs for our little girl. Just finishing up the lung development and putting on a little fat before they make their debut. The good news is at this point they don't really worry about me going into labor. The babies would no longer be considered premature! We would like to see them say in a little bit longer to make sure they are fully developed and healthy!!! Mommy has gained 43lbs and is measuring in at 50 centimeters. Usually women don't go much past 50 centimeters.It's about where the uterus tops out, even though you (I) will still get bigger. I am so thankful we are healthy.........even if we aren't so comfortable right now!!!! I can make it! What's another week, two, three or four when I know my babies are getting stronger. It is worth EVERY painful minute!
Ezra enjoying a strawberry!
Ezra has been giving the babies lots of kisses and he tells them he loves them. During my last appointment when we were listening to the babies heartbeats Ezra got very upset. I told him it was ok but he still looked very concerned. He is already a protective big brother.
He is really enjoying baths right now. If he hears any water running in the bathroom or if anyone goes into the bathroom he says, "Bath?" He is learning more and more everyday! He sings more of the words in his favorite songs, has picked up a lot of new words and climbs up to the table by himself (this is a big deal because we have a really high table and he has a BIG fear of falling since he fell out of his crib a couple of months ago). He is LOVING all the fresh fruit of summer! He begs for watermelon, honeydew, grapes, peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots, cherries (he eats the pits most of the time) and as seen in the picture above strawberries. He would eat fruit all day if we let him. He still likes to make animal sounds and his new favorite sound is for the dinosaur....Roar! We are enjoying spending as much time as we can with our sweet boy before our little family grows and our lives get very hectic!

I titled this post last hurrah because last night Ryan and I went on our last date for awhile. We went to Maggiano's for dinner. As we were sitting there I was joking saying that I knew how to get a free meal. If I were to just spill my water on my lap it would look like my water broke. We laughed and Ryan said you better not joke about it or your water will really break. Well about fifteen minutes later I picked up my water glass to take a drink, it slipped from my hand and water, ice and lemons went everywhere.....everywhere except for my lap! Everyone was staring at the pregnant lady who spilt her water (lovely) I said "Well at least it's that water." I had I really hard time sitting through dinner! It is EXTREMELY painful for me to sit right now (on the car ride there and back I had to lay with the seat reclined) Ryan kept asking me if I was ok. will be nice to be able to just do simple things again like sitting! After dinner we went to the Wendy's drive through and got a frosty. It was nice for just the two of us to get out as we will soon have three little ones pulling us in different directions. Ryan is a wonderful husband and father and I look forward to continuing our journey together!!!

OH, one more thing......... Ryan painted my toe nails for me. YES, he is that sweet!!! Now the poor guy has been given A LOT of grief about this from people who will remain nameless. I really can NOT do this myself and my nails NEEDED help!!! I didn't want to get a pedicure because one I can't sit that long and two I didn't want them to accidentally put me in labor! My sweet husband carefully trimmed and painted my nails for me. I felt pretty again ( it's the little things when you are pregnant)! My husband is amazing! We have had TONS of things breaking around our house lately and he has just been Mr. fix it! He does all that, goes to work and then is still willing (willing not wanting...he is not girl) to paint my nails......I call that amazing!!!!
I LOVE you Ryan!!!!


David and Melissa Gardner said...

yay for healthy babies and painted nails. Let us know if you guys need anything before or after babies are born, even if it's just you want a frosty or something, we are ready and willing.

The Whittacres said...

You look beautiful and you will make it and eventually you will get back to sitting again comfortably. LOL! HUGS and enjoy your last three weeks in pain but relishing the moments of that pure pregnancy glow.