Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The 4th of July

We had a wonderful 4th spent with good food and good friends! Our morning (mine and the kids', Ryan was at work...poor guy!) started with a yummy breakfast cooked by David and Karen. They were so sweet to make us all breakfast and they did a great job...Oh, and it was Karen's birthday! Yes, she made us breakfast on HER birthday, she's awesome!!! After we ate we went swimming. Karen's parents have a wonderful pool with the best toys and are always so gracious to let us use it! Later that evening after Ryan got off work we had dinner, did fireworks and went out for frozen yogurt. It was such a NO STRESS, wonderful day! The only bad thing...BUGS...The boys were all getting bit by ants so when I felt something on my leg I thought an ant was getting me. NOPE. SPIDER!!!! I had the bite marks for over two weeks! Other than the bugs, GREAT day!

Ezra was so excited to go swimming!

Lucy & Levi's first fourth of July

Ezra wasn't so sure about the fireworks at first...

but then he loved them and proceeded to burn ants with sparklers.

Jordanna (Rylan) Karen and Lucy

Dave, Ross and Ezra

Ezra loved the sparklers and snaps! He was popping the snaps in his fingers like a pro!!!

He was pretty sad when all the fireworks were gone:(

July 5th

Why do I try to get a "good" group photo? Why? All you need to know is that they looked cute!


Chelsea said...

A good group photo? Is that even possible?! Good for you for even trying! Ha! Great photos - Brianna has that same dress as Lucy, so pretty. Love the bowties!