Monday, October 24, 2011

Birthday Babies

Happy Birthday to my sweet babies!

It's so hard to believe that my babies are ONE!!!

They pull each others hair, knock each other down, take each others food but on their birthday morning I was tandem nursing them and they held hands. It was so sweet! I hope they will have a wonderful bond not only to each other but with all of their siblings.

Levi- Knows how to walk but won't. If he is holding one of your hands he will walk all around and has even taken some steps on his own. He signs milk, more and please. He LOVES Mommy, I think he would nurse all day if I let him. He loves to eat!!! He likes to play cars and with whatever other toy big brother will let him play with. He is such a sweet boy but knows how to through a fit! He is a go with the flow no need to be in the spotlight kind of a guy. He wakes up first, almost everyday.

My Dearest Levi,You are so sweet and happy. I love to hear you trying to talk, ssss, dada, dog....I love when we get to have one on one time. I love our snuggle times and wish I had more time to just hold you. I am thankful that I have you as a son! I LOVE you more than you will ever know!!!
Happy Birthday Levi Boy!

Lucy-"Hun?" Yes, this is what she says all the time! It's really funny.."Hee, hun, ha, (laugh and clap her hands...she thinks she's cool) he, ha, hun." She is ALWAYS saying something....typical girl. She walks all of the time, very, very rarely she will crawl. When I feed her and Levi she will always dump the food out. She signs more, please and milk....Sometime when I'm feeding L&L and ask them to sign more please one will sign please and the other will sign more.....Having a twin can be handy! She LOVES Daddy! When Daddy comes home from work if he doesn't pick her up right aways she has a total melt-down!

My Dearest Lucy,
What a ham you are! You love attention and people love to give it to you! I love our alone moments when you rest your little head on my shoulder and pat my back as I pat yours and say ahhhh, Daddy loves it too. You are such a funny little girl. I love being your Mom!

Happy Birthday Lula!