Saturday, October 22, 2011

Family Reuion

I was so glad we were able to go to the Waldron family reunion! We haven't been able to go in a few years so it was so good to see everyone and catch up a bit!!! It just so happened to be Levi and Lucy's birthday that day....I think they had a great day getting tons of attention from everyone. This is my Dad's extended side of the family so we are a big group even if we were missing over half the group! My Dad's Aunt Audrey did a great job and everyone had fun!
The birthday babies
Our family color was yellow and I didn't have anything for Lucy to wear so I made her a skirt out of a old 80s shirt.
The Birthday boy
My cousin Carleen's little guy Eli
He was the one blessed the same day as L&L....If any of you keep tabs on the blog.
The Birthday girl
Ezra playing with the pirate money
Mommy and her babies
Having fun!
We went to the reunion as a day trip so we were all tired when we got home! Here are a few pictures of our sweet little ones right before bed.
Daddy and Lucy
Levi and Mommy
They love each other ;)


CJMsquared+4 said...

Having such fun catching up on your blog!! Love those pictures of Ryan and Lucy! Too precious... especially the bottom right!