Saturday, December 29, 2012

Levi and Lucy's 2nd Birthday

August 6, 2012
Two, two year olds! Yes, it's as crazy as it sounds!!! We spent the day celebrating these two birthday babies in their favorite way.......With food:)
Started the day with biscuits

Opening cards from Grandma Gail.

Smoothie time!

We went to the kids favorite place to eat, The M buffet.
While they were napping Ryan and I set up a little birthday surprise for them.

They loved it!

For dinner I made them homemade chicken pot pies.

Lucy is playing with Levi's drill....Maybe she will be a dentist?
Grandpa Dennis and Grandma Diana came over to visit.

Lucy loved the purse, heels, and jewelry
and Levi loved the helicopters, planes and cars they got them.
We are so glad you two are apart of our family!!! We love you!
Happy Birthday!!!