Saturday, December 29, 2012

Utah Trip

August 13-16, 2012
We went on our first "long" trip (more than a four hour drive) as a family! We stayed with Grandma Gail.
The kids loved Grandma's peach tree!

Lucy and Grandma getting dolled up.
We got to go to our nephew's wedding. Congrats to Dylan and Diana! So not in this picture but in general I think Dylan and his Uncle Ryan look  very similar.
The kids had a great time at the outdoor reception.


There is a place that I LOVE in Utah called Sub Zero. Here I am showing off the ice cream I had waited four years to have!
We got to see David! He is a fancy guy with a career now so he bought us dinner. Thanks David!
We had a great time visiting with friends and family! The kids loved staying at Grandma Gail's house! Ezra has been asking to go back.
The car ride home was not fun at all. The kids had had enough and cried the whole last hour of the trip. We will try it again.....but not any time soon!


chelsea mckell said...

You've got me scared for our big upcoming road trip! I was hoping for tips on making it easier with 3 little ones! Eeek! But fun trips are worth it, right? :) Very cute pics!