Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma!

This pretty lady is my grandma Colleen. 

Grandma Colleen is my father's mother. Today is her 71st birthday. This is a picture of her at our family party last night. I have been very fortunate to live in the same town as her most of my life. Because of this we saw a lot of each other. She has come to every play, choir performance, dance recital and any other event I have ever done! She has taught me many things throughout my life. One thing that she taught me that I have used so much and love to do is how to crochet. Below are pictures of a few things I've made. Thank you Grandma for all your love and support. Happy birthday!
These are scarves I made and sold December 2005, I made $200! I used the money to buy Ryan a GPS for Christmas.

This was a gift for baby Kaden made October 2007.

This is a gift for baby Broderick made July 2008.


C & J said...

I need several scarves for Chicago (We are going during Christmas time.) I will help SUPPORT you if want to make me some CUTE Scarves! :)

Ash & Ivy said...

grandma looks so cute!! (= the blankets are so cute brit!!! i LOVE mine...i mean ivy's haha (=

Alli Waldron said...

What days do you go swimming? What are the open swim times during the day? I would love to go during the day or morning on Tuesdays and/or Fridays.

Brady Fam said...

I'm glad you posted those photos. Inspiration to me that such things can be done! :) Keeps me on the ball- no excuses for me. So, I am now going to get back to my knitting as soon as I... well, soon. Thanks!!

PookaB said...

Those scarves and blankets are absolutely beautiful. No wonder you made $200!