Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Utah Vacation

August 26th- September 1st

We had a wonderful time in Utah! These were a few of our favorite things.......
Mom, David, Mission Reunion, Sub Zero, "The Game," Corn, The weather, Wind Turbines!

Ryan's mom Gail lives in Spanish Fork, UT (a very cute town). She was very nice to let us stay with her! The best part of the trip was just relaxing and talking. It was fun for me to get to know more about Ryan and what he was like as a child. Ryan's mom and I made salsa, and I learned how to make zuchini bread. ZUCHINI bread, I know it might sound weird or gross, but it is REALLY good! Thanks for everything Mom. We love you!

David, Brittany,Ryan, and Mom

Ryan and David were mission companions and roommates. While Ryan and I lived in Utah I got to know David really well. We had a great time hanging out. We love our David!

David and Ryan

Mission Reunion 
Ryan LOVES Brother and Sister Holdaway (Ryan's old mission president and his wife). It was great to see them! Unfortunately most of the guys Ryan served with didn't come. We did get to see Justin and his wife... and of course David.

David, Sister Holdaway and Ryan

Sub Zero 
Our favorite ice cream place in the whole world! This is a really cool ice cream place, they use liquid nitrogen to make the ice cream right in front of you! 

The Game or not. 
While we were in Provo there was a BYU game so we decided to go. When we get to the game and it was sold out and the scalpers were selling tickets for $40 each. While we didn't make it inside we did get to sing the fight song while sitting on the grass outside the stadium. Now don't worry we are STILL Rebels. We just really enjoyed going to the BYU games while Ryan was attending the school, so we thought it would be fun to go again.

Amazing; that is the word I would use to describe it. One night we just ate corn for dinner. One of the great things about Utah is the fresh produce. That and ittle road side stands, is there anything more quaint? Well, yes there is..... There is a little old man and he sells produce from his front porch. When we went he wasn't there so you just leave the money in a little box. Oh, the honesty system! This is a picture of the little old man's house. Sorry I didn't get any corn pictures.

The weather 
BEAUTIFUL! It was nice and cool. Every night we would open the doors and let the fresh air in. The last night/morning we were there there was a great rain/hail storm. I can't wait for the cool weather to get here! 

Wind Turbines 
Ryan's favorite! It was so neat to watch them working. Ryan LOVED them so we had to get a closer look. When we got out of our car to take a look, two police officers pulled over next to us. They thought we were having car trouble.


Marilene said...

you are looking so very cute pregnant! fun end of summer trip!

CJMsquared+2 said...

Sounds like you had fun!! You look so short compared to Ryan, David and Gail. It is cute! I can't wait til your son is five and is taller than you! lol.

Mindy said...

Looks like you guys had a blast :) Is that Nancy Holdaway? Steven Holdaway is my dad's first cousin. I used to visit them in Spokane when I was living in Moscow, ID. Small world!

D&D said...

It looks like the trip really was fun. It is really important to get away every now and then. But it is really nice to come home. I can't wait to come home. We love being here but 2 weeks is a long time. See ya Sunday.

Jennelle said...

What planet have I been living on? When did Ryans mom move to Utah?

Looks like a fun trip. Hooray for road trips! Oh and thanks again for the Corn...it was delish!