Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kaiaking Trip

August 19th 
A couple of months ago the guys from Ryan's work planned a kaiaking trip. I can say that when Ryan came home talking about a kaiaking trip I thought he would say that it was next week or something. I was so impressed that one, the trip would be in a couple of months, and two, it was so well organized. We kaiaked 11 miles below Hover Dam. It was so much fun! We hiked to different places and saw a few different hot springs. Everyone was worried about me the whole time. "Don't let the pregnant lady fall in the water!" "How are you?" "Are you sure you're ok?" I must say I was impressed with my little five month pregnant self. The only not so fun part was the wind. There were times that it was so windy that you were rowing, but not moving forward. And, if you stopped rowing you quickly moved backwards. I hope to do the trip again on a not so windy day!

Just the two of us
The water coming out of the rock was boiling hot. Our feet were burning!
Beautiful waterfall
Ryan and the waterfall
Resting on the beach


Marilene said...

sounds like you guys had fun!

Emily said...

Those are some great pictures! Looks like you guys had a blast!

Jennelle said...

Hey...I want to go do that!...looks like fun.

Brady Fam said...

What a blast! Impressive too, I must say.