Sunday, January 29, 2012


December 25, 2011
This was the first Christmas we (the Todd & Dorothy family) spent together in a few years! My siblings all spent the night and it was like we were kids again. It was nice to have everyone at home (except for Ryan, he was at work).

Levi checking things out

All us crazy kids!
I let Ezra sleep in because it was his birthday and he had already done his "Christmas morning".

Do you remember these things? My sister got them for us because we had them once a long time ago on a road trip.

Bethany and her ukulele
This is SO Brennan!

The birthday boy!

Levi laid in this box for quite awhile...comfy!

eating soup....

Helping make frosting for his birthday cake
He LOVED it!
Ezra got to decorate his cake.
Green sprinkles

Happy 3rd Birthday Ezra!!!
We love you!!!!!


Mindy said...

That is a lot of stockings. :D It looks like you all had fun, even if you missed the tall one.