Sunday, January 29, 2012

I didn't do it!

January 6, 2012
I have to say that Levi and Lucy have really become DOUBLE TROUBLE! The worst as of late was a lard incident....Now I don't use lard on a regular basis. In fact the only time of year I buy it is at Christmas to make my Grandmother's traditional cookies. So I left the room for about two minutes and when I came back L&L were covered (and my carpet too) in LARD!!! I have no idea where it was or how they got it but they did:(
These shirts my friend gave them are perfect!

I think the cat in the hat is back
Getting in to the pantry...yep they know how to open all the doors in our house:(
I am such a mean mom to stop all his destructive fun!

Why is Ezra so happy at Levi's sadness??? I think It's sibling thing.
Lucy's new favorite thing is climbing on the table. She stands on top of the table and tells us all what to do.
Lucy got stuck under the table and Levi thought he would help her by pinching her face.
You can't see it very well but Lucy is trying to bite Levi's fingers and is SCREAMING at him!
The classic I didn't do it face
Playing nice


chelsea mckell said...

ahh! I want those shirts!!
And the pantry, the chairs, the face expressions... all familiar sights! They are just adorable!

Mindy said...

I love those shirts!