Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ezra's Birthday Party

December 13, 2011
Ezra has been wondering when his birthday party would be ever since he saw me working on stuff for L&L's birthday party. It's hard to explain to a little guy that we don't get big parties every year. I am a big first birthday kind of a girl. After that I do family (just the people that live under my roof) parties until the kids are older and let them have some friends from school and church over. Like I said little guys don't understand this and he saw all the work I put into L&L's party, it didn't seem fair to leave him party-less! So I decided to do something small....real small i.e. his cousin Ivy and the Morris kids. The Morris family just moved over to our side of town!!!!! I am so excited! Her kids are older than Ezra but they are so sweet to him and really make him feel special!!! Just how you want to feel on your birthday.
I wanted to make it simple and not spend too much. The kids watched the new Cars movie and had a picnic (big blanket in front of the T.V.) while Stacie and I enjoyed each others company. It was great!!!
I saw this cute sandwich idea online. The kids thought it was pretty cool!
When I asked Ezra what he wanted to have at his his party he said "rollie balls" i.e. cheese know those crunchy, greasy, disgustingly delicious things that come in a HUGE tub at your local bulk store. Yes, those. The kids went NUTS over them. Stacie also tries to feed her kids healthy so it was a big treat!

Ezra was pretty excited about everything!
Stacie and Marshall
I let the kids decorate their own cupcakes. It was a big hit with the kids and one less thing for me to do! I made little checkered flags and cars cake toppers.
Maddi proud of her masterpiece!
Maddi and Brad
My sweet boy
Ezra was hilarious while trying to open presents!!! He couldn't get the ribbon off so he used some very unique techniques......
The swinging it by the ribbon technique
The have your cousin help you technique

The use your teeth technique
And finally the best of all...
The have a big kid help you technique!
Thank you for making Ezra's day so fun Ivy and Morris family!!!!!