Sunday, January 29, 2012


November 29- December 2, 2011
I am a HUGE fan of Disneyland!!! I just LOVE it!!! We were supposed to go (had a room reserved and everything) last Christmas but decided going with a almost two year old and TWO four month olds would not be a good idea! Even though I knew it really wouldn't work I was still heartbroken. I would see commercials and be sad. And, to top it off, one day I put on a jacket and it had Disney papers from our last visit. Needless to say I was thrilled we got to go this year!
So, Disneyland is not as much fun with three little kids....I'm just being honest. I loved some cute moments with the kids but I'd really like to go with just Ryan. It was hard watching three kids while Ryan would ride and it's kind of a bummer riding alone:( Now that I put that out there lets talk about the fun!!!!!

(don't mind her dinner all over her face)

We left when Ryan got home from work. It worked out nice to feed the kids dinner get jammies on and hope in the car.

Ezra showing off his jammies and the money Grandma Dorothy gave him for the wishing well. This was our first family trip with our new DVD player.....A MUST have with kids!!!So excited to go to Disneyland!!!!
Enjoying breakfast
Minnie mouse

Ezra is showing off his Mickey jacket
For the longest time I've heard of the really amazing candy canes that are made at Disneyland, but I've never seen them made. The candy canes are only made on certain days and can only be made if the weather is good. Every time I've gone to see them I've either just missed it or the weather was bad. Each time I've missed it has only made me want to see it more! I didn't think I would be able to see it this trip because I thought they only made them on Saturday. Well I was wrong! We arrived to Disneyland over an hour early (it was an the wrong day's opening times). There was a pre-line but I had no idea why. Well it was CANDY CANE making day!!!! WHAT!?!? So this is the deal they only make a certain amount and you have to get in the park as fast as possible to get in another line (yes we are up to three lines now!!!) and get a wrist band to be able to buy one. Well once I found out I had a chance to not only see the candy canes being made but I could buy one, I HAD to have one! I know how crazy this sounds!!!"I've waited my whole life for this."

See my wristband!?!

Where is Mommy and Ezra?
The pictures are a little jumbled here...
L&L hanging out with Daddy

Ready to drive!

It's a small world!

SO strong!

Nap time
Play us a tune!
Daddy and Ezra flying

Making candy canes

Ezra was in HEAVEN!

Ezra and Levi were sleeping and Lucy and Daddy had some fun while Mommy went on space mountain.

How cute are these two!?!
Ezra and Lucy were having lunch while Levi was sleeping. Ezra wanted to make sure his brother would get some luch too!

Ezra thought these pine needles were super fun.

In front of Tower of Terror they had someone trying to sell bubble guns so she would release lots of bubble into the air. Ezra and Levi had so much fun!

I was chasing after the boys when all of a sudden I couldn't see Ezra! He had run away following bubbles into the Bug Land. WHAT A SCARE!!!!! As fast as I could I picked up Levi and pushed the stroller Lucy was in to run and find Ezra. He was just fine.

Daddy and Ezra enjouying the rides in Bug Land

Our hotel did not offer a continetal breakfeast........
But Levi fixed that problem!
Breakfest for all!

My mom was so sweet to pick me up these cheese danishes (my favorite) so I too could have a "continental" breakfest.
In the Tiki room
Ezra making a wish

Ezra and his best bud
He didn't want to leave!

one last hug

Me and My Bug

sharing....or maybe stealing

"It's tough to be a bug"

L&L Loved the Disneyland band!


Well, I still love Disneyland......
But next time maybe I'll go alone:)